Saturday, 28 April 2007

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The Cuckoo Estate courtesy of Google Earth

This is an evolving record of a group of people referred to as the 'Cuckooites'. These are the folks who live and have lived on the Cuckoo Estate, Hanwell, West London, England.

If you are a Cuckooite and have any stories, recollections or names of friends and/or neighbours from the Cuckoo Estate you'd like to share then please email the site editor. You can also participate by adding your own comments to any News Item, Article or Archive. Your participation is warmly welcomed.

The Cuckoo Estate extends from Ruislip Road East to the rear boundaries of residential properties in Framfield Road to the south, and from Greenford Avenue to the west to the rear boundaries of residential properties in Copley Close to the east.

The Cuckoo Estate was built by the LCC between 1933 and 1939, on 140 acres of land attached to the Central London District School. The Central London District School for poor-law children was founded in 1865, and at one time housed over one thousand children. A famous pupil was Charlie Chaplin, who was at the school for two years between 1896 to 1898. In 1930 all the homes and schools controlled by the London Boards of Guardians were transferred to the London County Council. The Hanwell Residential School was closed by the LCC in 1932, due to the falling school roll and the obsolete nature of the buildings.

Only the central administrative block and dining hall now remain, the rest of the large complex having been demolished in the 1940s. Under the provisions of the 1945 Education Act, the remaining building became the Hanwell Community Centre administered by the Borough of Ealing and leased to the Hanwell Community Association.

By 1939 the Estate comprised some 1,600 houses and flats and 18 shops, with a population of about 5,300 people. The site was attractive for working class housing because of its communications, having three railway stations within a mile of its centre, close by also was the tramway service to Shepherds Bush and the new factories around Western Avenue were easily reached by bus or bicycle.

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