Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Fw: Our book is finished.


Hi Cuckooites,here is a copy of the letter I have just sent to a group of Cuckooites who have just finished editing our book.Memory's from the past.It is now ready to go to the publisher.We all need to thank them for the dedication and hard work they put into it.

John B and John H,
I have just spent an hour going thru the wonderful book you guys have managed to put together,I know Jackie Smith must be very proud to see what she had started and what you two have finished.I can not wait to see the finished product that Bob Stevens has offered to help get published .You have come up with a book that all Cuckooites will be glad to have.It is my hope and plans to be able to send a copy to everyone who requests this book for the cost of just Shipping.We have plans to try and raise money thru a raffle to cover costs along with what Bob has offered our group.
My heartfelt thanks to you all I wish my sister Kathleen could have seen it before she passed away.
Again thank you for being the Cuckooites you are,Sincerely Tommy

Monday, 18 February 2008

This will keep you Guessing

Name as many shops that where on our parade of Greenford avenue from the 40's and 50's.That would be both sides of the Avenue.They do not have to be in order.Let us see how many we can remember.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Book Memory"s from the Past

Hi Cuckooites,
as most of you are aware,Jackie Smith has been working on a book called Memory's from the past.This book is comprised of a bunch of story's that have been sent in to our website over the past five years.This book is now 177 pages long and includes many great photo's from our past. This has been a tremendous undertaking on Jackie's part and the finished product will be well worth while.
We are looking for some one in our group who may have the expertise to step forward and help with the editing of this book.If some one has the access to desk publishing or another form of editing and would like to help Jackie with this project it would be greatly appreciated.We hope to have a copy of the book in rough form ready to be viewed at the Reunion in April.
If you are willing to help on this project please contact Jackie at 
Thanks Tommy

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Valentines Story's

Happy Valentines day to all you lover's out there.Does anyone have any great Valentine story's they care to share with the group.We would love to hear them.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Letter from the editor.

Just want to touch base with you all about where this group has come from and where I think it is heading.
In February of 2002  after many emails back and forth with Ethel Stevens (maiden name).We decided to meet for dinner in Seattle ,Ethel and her husband George as most of you know are from Alaska.They where passing thru for a family Reunion in Tacoma Washington.Well at Dinner Ethel and I went on for hours ,swapping old story's ,people we both knew from the Estate and also promising to swap email addresses with mutual friends we had stayed in contact with from the Estate, now remember both our spouses are Americans and could not believe what they had walked into,we could have left them at home.
Well from this first meeting we decided to try and organize a Reunion that year in October at a local Pub somewhere in Hanwell for maybe thirty or forty people,much to our surprise with the help of Jenny Jones it grew to over 100 folks.It was a big success,This Reunion in April will be our third all sell outs
From this we started this group we call Cuckooites and believe it or not this is our third website,the first two where okay but unlike this one where fellow Cuckooites can communicate right there on the website.This has been a tremendous success and we have grown to over 300 folks we believe in numbers,some are more active than others but never the less we are growing.
Our vision now is the see if this website and group can evolve where our children and grandchildren will take over in the future to keep the history our parents started many years ago alive and pass it on to future generations to come.Our parents would be proud of us to see that we have kept alive what they bred into us many years ago. We should all be proud to be called  Cuckooites and I hope we continuo to grow and spread our roots to those who want to join us.
Tommy Higginbottom.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Entertainers and bands

Tell us what music and rock stars you liked as a teenager growing up on the Estate.Share with us any concerts you attended with friends,did you like Rock and Roll ,Jazz or the Crooners .This is a subject we can get a lot of comments from you on.Come on give it a go and break the ice.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

St Anne's class 4. B 1954

Website new feature,

We have just added a great new feature to our website,you can know e-mail a friend or fellow Cuckooite right from this site.On all posts you will see a envelope on the right hand side under the post.Left click on this and you can e-mail anyone directly from our website.What a neat addition.
Give it a try.

Teachers Cuckoo Girls Juniors,1948 .Can you name any.