Saturday, 26 April 2008

Very good way to search.Well Done Jim.

When you come on to the Cuckooites site one of the first instructions you see is advice to ignore the grey bar near the top of the page. Now because it can be a bit of a pain in the bum trawling through all posts and comments to find what you are looking for, I think now might be a good time to start using it. This facility has always been there, but in the beginning it was felt by Tommy and me, that it would be better if we all learned to use the site properly before expanding our horizons. So here goes and we hope you have fun. When you come onto our Blog in the grey bar on the left side there is a white oblong box. Enter the name of the person you want to find in the posts or comments, or the name of a post you wish to find. Then click on search blog. So you are all trying the same thing enter one of my posts Henry Morrison, I chose that one because I know there was only one post with that name in it. You see what happens good isn't it? Now you can enter your own name and as long as it's on the site it will show up wherever it has been mentioned. Obviously this will help you to search the pages easier.

Dawn Orange.Remembers the Cuckoo Estate as a child.

I am glad to be a part of the Cuckooites CLAN.. I was the baby, I suppose. I was always with my Nan.. In fact I got passed to her at weekends. From the age of about 5, I was wrapped up in scarf and gaberdine and plonked on the Reading AA from Bracknell to the Great West Road.. I must have been odd cos I’d always choose the side seats, on the lower deck.. My Nan “Mrs Alice STEVENS” used to be waiting for me, at the bus stop [outside Glaxo] dressed in a coat n headscarf , brown specs, and big brown vinyl shopping bag! (I am glad she was always there to meet me as she was deaf and didn’t have a phone,, it was all done by letter in those days).. We’d then hop on another bus that got us back to Hanwell.. My Nan had migrated across the road from Kennedy Path to Gifford Gardens then. Abt 1962 there was a an old lady living in the flat upstairs.. She wasn’t pleasant and suffered bouts of anger…Nan would always have the wireless on loud (suffered deafness) and the old lady used to bang on the floorboards fiercely with her walking stick, it used to frighten me…I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a whole made through those boards to spy on my Nan!… One day she came downstairs, and I got ever so frightened, seeing her shouting abuse at my poor Nan…When I was 7 my mum was about to give birth to my half brother, so I was upgraded in a car and delivered to my Nan’s and spent 2 happy weeks in a school in Hanwell.… I remember it was a Victorian school with benches to sit at… I thought this was Grand, as I came from a newly built school, that had proper desks, and lunch served at tables in the school hall and no history to it.. I didn’t want to leave the school in Hanwell, it felt so homely and the lady teacher and the children were all really nice to me, they made me feel real special. That was in the Summer of ‘65… Any of you girls know what School I was at?? Could you have been in my class…I’d love to know…I remember a little girl about the age of 8 who lived at the bottom of Gifford Gardens, I met her playing outside one day, she was riding up and down the road on her red scooter.. It was easy to make friends at that age, so I skipped across the road… We must have asked each other what our religions were…she was catholic (funny what we remember ) I was C of E.. She was real nice and had dark hair like me., and straight away she shared her scooter with me… I’d never ridden one before, and so after watching her, and trying to be clever,, I took a ride on it, and somehow managed to scrape my ankle on the back wheel, took out a chunk of skin, and still got the scar to prove it!I don’t think I ever played with her againEvery Saturday night Nan and I used to go to the local Fish n Chip Shop (in Greenford),, [near the bus depot??? ] and we’d tuck in to skate n chips for our teas.. Talking of Teas, my Nan made a lovely cuppa,, tea leaves in a pot., went down well with gingernuts.. I loved drinking her tea, it brought with it a lot of imaginative fun, cos my Nanny taught me the art of reading Tea Leaves!! In order to do it, meant we had to spill the undrunk tea into our saucers, then read the tea deposits left in the cups!! It was lots of fun… I remember on numerous readings, that I would travel far one day…and I did. Well when I got home I showed my mum, and I got told off as my mum thought it was a dirty habit to slop the tea into the saucer!! so I used to do it when she wasn’t looking. When the weather was fine, Nanny would take me to St Marys, Hanwell. There was a wonderful park there with peacocks running around, and I fell in love with the Big arched Bridge that cut through the meadow…And there was a beautiful huge thatched cottage, and I used to imagine the wicked witch that fed snow white the ‘red apple’, lived in that cottage.. Well I went back down memory lane recently and paid a visit to St Mary’s and was delighted to see the peacocks still roam the park!!When I was about 10, Nan got moved to a block of flats on the newly built Golf Links Estate , [and I learned, from reading Jim’s book recently, that JIM, you’d moved there too, and you were in the Milk Business!!!! ere.. Did you deliver my Nan’s milk? She was the one that ordered gold top and sometimes pasteurised!!!!]Nan always had a piano, and taught me the chop sticks,, I was always playing on it.. Well one day, she gave me a good telling off, cos a hurse was coming out of the block of flats opposite, (I’d never seen one before) and that’s when I learned I had to respect the dead, and to be quiet… Dawn