Saturday, 31 January 2009

Bit's and pieces



yvonneh said...

Hi Lynn, you made me laugh with your woodcraft folk episode. I bet Ernie and deirdrie didnt know what to do with themselves. Bury St Edmunds group always had the marquee, we had some great times,we went on a sponsored walk in bandages and splints, when we crossed round the golf course thye players face s were a picture we all had crutches bandages and splints on great fun. We raised a laugh if little else.

jim davis said...

I don't know why I thought of this family today it is strange how these things come to you. No one on cuckooites has mentioned them as far as I know, and I just wondered what happened to them. They moved onto the Estate stayed a while and dissappeared again.They were the Jimenez family, I knew Jimmy Jimenez, though not very well. He had an older brother and the rest of the family I have no knowledge of. It seemed weird how they came onto the estate, stayed a while and went. Can anyone solve the mystery?.