Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Fw: Cuckoos.

Tommy, I heard from the 'Best of British,' magazine today and they are
to publish my article on the Cuckoo Estate in next months edition. As it
National and International circulation, I hope that it might flush out some
more Cuckooites, scattered around the globe. Cheers for now, Del.



Tommy said...

Sorry Del this is what happens when I post a message from a Moc computer.Time to change to a P.C.It makes life so much easier.

bob stevens said...

Hello Del. Incase my name appears as Anon I am Bob Stevens.
I have just looked at the page of The Best of British Magazine and became a subscriber, what an interesting read, one of the stories is about the prefab accomodation, well when I was a bike boy at Hawkins 1949/50 in Greenford I had to deliver groceries to the nissan huts at the far end of Greenford, one family I remember had about 6 children and they lived in one of these, the rooms, i.e. living, kitchen and bedrooms were divided by curtains, I was always given a threepeny piece for delivering the box or two of food, so thanks for sending the link to Best of British, I will no doubt send further memories bought back by the reading.

Del said...

Bob, I remember the Nissan Huts being divided into rooms by curtains. Of course, they were originally built as military accommodation to house up to thirty squaddies in a single room. The only time that I was billeted in one was during war games in Norfolk. Before we arrived from our camps the Nissans had been whitewashed inside and, to pass the time when we weren't playing 'Cowboys and Indians,'one of our guys performed a fire breathing act, using petrol and burning newspaper, to char the walls and ceiling into black stripes. Amazingly, none of the regular staff ever seemed to notice. Del.

yvonneh said...

Hi there What is the best of british. Del and bob I remember living in nissan huts when I joined up, They were at Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Guildford where we went for basic training.I was trhen posted to Yeovil where I learnt to drive and maintain 10 ton trucks, we were in nissan huts then about 20 to a hut, then I was posted to Manobier near Tenby in S Wales where I was trained as a radar operator,the huts were divided into rooms with four to a room, we had a black coal stove in the middle where we would make our toast on a fork and cook our baked spuds for supper, great times. God I could tell some tales, we were 40 women on a camp with 300men and boys. Thats another story.

Del. said...

Yvonne, the 'Best of British,' is a nostalgia magazine, looking back on life in Britain during the 30s, 40s, 50s and sixties. It comes out monthly. I also trained at Yeovil and passed my driving test there. As for Tenby, I was there after being demobbed. We were on a rocket site at Aberporth, known to the NAFFI girls as, 'a guided muscle range,'I can't imagine why. Del.

Tags said...

I always thought they were called Missen huts.

yvonneh said...

Hi Del
How odd that our paths must have crossed so many times away from the cuckoo estate and that so many of us did similar things. When were you at Yeovil? I was there in 57/8
remember the pub with the Scrumpy, twopence halfpenny a half pint, we were drunk on 5d. It is a wonder any of us passed our driving test, particularly as you had to know the engine inside out and be able to strip it and put it back. I also remember being on parade with the RAC they marched in quick time, we marched to Greensleeves, it was chaotic. When I was at Manorbier we had a guided weapons wing, yellow fever was the first radar set that spun on its own axis, they took it out to Woomera to try it out, I was down to go but got married instead. Which was fortunate for me as many that went to Woomera suffered from the radiation. I mainly worked on the 3mark7s we used to do air sea watch for the army and TA to train with the guns. Often took them out to templeton aerodrome for exercise. It doesnt take much imagination for me to work out what those NAAFI girls meant.

Del said...

Yvonne, you haven't got your knees brown yet. I was at Yeovil in 1950, only for three months. After that I was posted to Stansted as a driver/radio operator, before we went to Libya during the first Suez crisis. I went to Aberporth when I was doing my TA time. As you say, we Cuckooites keep popping up all over the place. I met one guy from the estate, when I was at Yeovil, and four years later he became my brother-in-law. Del.

yvonneh said...

Del, dont tell Jim about my white knees especially in the nbk,s, his imagination tends to run riot. Have you got one of those camera things that you can see into my home then?
We used to do air sea watch while the TA shot the guns at an aircraft carrying a sleeve. We askd if we could have a go and so the REME put up two remote controlled aircraft, good job they did as we missed the sleeve and shot the planes down, I never realised that there were so many expletives, the air was blue, we were quite proud of the fact that we hit the target twice. Ken was out in Fayed in the Suez crisis. But I did get my knees brown as we spent three years in Singapore,with our two girls, Ken spent 17 years in the REME coming out when we found out my dad had cancer, as my mum needed us. Amazing coincidences though the person you met becomming you brother in law.

Del said...

Yvonne, I only used the 'knees brown,' thing to refer to age but, seeing that you were in Singapore, I guess that yours were browner for longer than mine. When I finished the driving course at, Houndstone Camp, I was sent across the road to Lufton to wait for posting. We were given a form to fill up and select a couple of places that we'd like to be sent to, I opted for Singapore or Hong Kong and ended up on an extended driving course at Shorncliff, in Kent, which wasn't very exotic. I expect that I was being held back for somewhere less cushy, like Libya. Del.

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jim davis said...

Of that we will never know until we see his Photo, or are told his / your name. So we will have to wait and see wont we?