Friday, 9 January 2009

Janice remembers

Happy New Year to all.
Can anybody remember Castlebar station and the little old ticket office.  But before you got there , there was a sweet shop I believe it was run by Fairclough and on Sunday m ornings he used to pack the van full of sweets and tour around the area beeping the horn and all the kids would come out and buy the sweets before dinner.  Also I can remember they had a fish seller who would come during the week and ,as a family,we would always buy a pint of prawns and a pint of winkles.  We would then have a great big bodkin and then hook the winkles out of the shells and have a slice of bread and butter with them.  He had a big wooden  wheelbarrow and, also the milkman would come round with the horse and cart and our mum would go out behind him and collect the horses mess to put on the garden.  I also remember the rag and bone man coming down Harp Road  with his horse and cart, and at the time you couldnt understand what he was calling out
Just a few memories.


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PDRAY said...

Hi Janice,
Yes, I remember Castlebar Station and Fairclough's Newsagency.The Fairclough's use to live on the corner of Templeman Road and where the lane led to the station.When I was a kid I would stand on the bridge at Castlebar Station and the old pull&push train would go underneath and I would just fill my lungs with that smoke.I'm sure that was not healthy but I will never forget that smell.
I also remember the milkman sometimes leaving the bottles of milk on the doorsteps.The bottle tops had different colour's to denote which ones had cream on top and which ones didn't.I can remember that the milk had to be brought inside quick because the birds would peck at the tops to get at the cream.Sometimes the birds would succeed and if mum could have caught them she would have wrung their necks.We sure had some smart birds on the Cuckoo Estates.Of course, if the milk bottle with the cream on top made it into the house, that first bit of milk would go on top of dads Cornflakes or Shredded Wheat.
Happy New Year,Paul.