Tuesday, 13 January 2009

This months comments

You Cuckooites have a great line on conversation going this month.I just love the input you are giving and keep those comments coming.I love reading what you all have to say and very educational.


Del said...

I was interested to see the comments by Tommy and Pat Ray about spellchecks. At Cuckoo Seniors I was the English teachers pet, only because I would write six pages for an essay when everyone else usually managed one and a half, and even those, in large letters. On the other hand, my essays were always covered in red pencil to point out the spelling mistakes and I left school convinced that I was a dunce. My first weeks pay was twenty five bob and I gave a pound to my mum. She suggested that I should open a post office saving account and put away sixpence a week out of my five bob. At the post office I was given a form to fill up which required my full name and, although I knew that my middle name was Stanley, I'd never had to write it down before. When I handed the form in, the lady looked at it and then asked, "Do you really spell your middle name Standerley?" The people in the queue behind me had a good giggle as she told me the correct spelling. I was so embarrassed that I went straight round to Woolies and bought a dictionary for about one and sixpence and each night, before turning in, read it from A to Z. Each time that I saw a word that I knew I may have to use, I would write it out five times on a piece of paper which seemed to work better that just memorizing it. Since then I've always seen words as shapes, rather than a collection of letters, if the shape looks wrong, I know the spelling is amiss. Thought I'd mention this system for anyone else who may have given up. Del

Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

Great story Del, and it only goes to show that you were no dunce, but a brilliant kid to figure that out.

Del. said...

Effo, I don't know about brilliant, I still can't do hard sums. I was talking with a young guy a few nights ago when he received a joke from a friend, via his mobile. He showed it to me and I had to admit that it lost a lot of its humour due to the fact that it was a text message. I explained that I'd lost the point of the story by the time I'd coped with the lack of capital letters, bad spelling and non-existent grammar. He told me that all that stuff wasn't necessary, so I shouldn't worry about it. But, as I said to him, "I,do, oh I do!' It's just a sloppy and lazy way of writing. So, how is the trip going? I hope the weather is more clement than here in England's grey and wintry land. Cheers, Del.

jim davis said...

Hi Del you and my son Jim are the same. He told me that he can read something upside down and back to front. Quite naturally I said to him, what sort of a dick-head would want to try that in the first place? After having a giggle, he said he was sitting on a train and the person opposite was reading a magazine that was on his lap. Jim suddenly realized he was also reading it upside down. That was when he realized he did not read the same as most people, to him words words were shapes. I am not writing this next part to boast about my son. But if it can help anyones children or grandchildren it is worth telling. In the infants school he had remedial reading sitting outside the headmasters room, and other children used to laugh at him when they passed by. I did not know about this at the time, If I had I would have taken action to have it stopped. To get to the point dyslexia was not recognized in those days. So Jim struggled on unaided. Doing so gave him a steely determination to never give in. As time went by he went off to University and studied for his B.A. M.A. then recently he got a PhD. On a scale of 1 to 5 his dyslexia has been assessed at 3 so he could have claimed help as disabled but would not do so. He said if he cannot do it unaided he doesn't want it. So there you are, most off you will not be interested in this rather long comment. But I am sure/hope it will be of help to someone, because my Son and Del's affliction is far more common than you might think.

Del. said...

Jim, I'm not dyslexic, just didn't have a lot of confidence in myself as a kid. A young friend of ours, who suffered the same fate as your son in not being recognized earlier as a dyslexic, went on the qualify as a doctor and is now about to become a consultant paediatrician, so it goes to show what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. Del.

jim davis said...

You know it's funny Del but I am dyslexic with numbers, and that stopped me having what could have been a promising career as a rock singer. I went for an audition with a very good band, and when it was my turn they started playing Rock Around The Clock. I knew the tune of course, but when I started singing one three nine four seven oclock rock. The band nearly fell off their chairs laughing at me, and I have never been the same since.

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