Saturday, 7 February 2009

Best of British.

Thank you Del.
The magazine arrived today and I loved your story about our beloved Cuckoo estate.Very well written.I would be pleased to publish this article on our website next month with your permission.The article is very interesting so I would break it down to four  Chapters and do a chapter a week with your blessing .This way folks will not get overwhelmed reading it as it would take up a lot of space the way our website is formulated.Hopefully I will get to meet you and the lovely Charlotte next year when we all meet up at our favorite watering hole for our 4th Reunion,then I would be honored to buy you a pint or two.I hope they allow you to do a piece on our group I wonder if there is another like it anywhere from that time who  shared so much.
Thanks for sending me it Tommy


Del. said...

Next month is okay with me, Tommy. You're right to break it up as a thousand words does take up a lot of room. It was a pity that the items about the reunions, book and badge were taken out, but that's publishing for you. Del.

Tommy said...

Del I plan to include them when I post the article.How is the new P.C. working did you get a lap top, that is my next one when this one croaks.

Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

Del, I went onto the Best of British site a couple of times, and tried to order the magazine. First time I asked if they shipped overseas, and they didn't reply, so the next time I went on I did see that they would, and there was a slot to order the Feb issue. They sent a confirmation that it had been received. Maybe when I receive it I might be able to take a yearly subscription to it, which I would love to do. I am so looking forward to reading your contribution in full, but will have to wait until I return to Alaska in late March, meanwhile I am so glad that Tommy is going to publish it on this site.
Can hardly wait.

Del said...

Eff, I know that the magazine does go overseas as I had an email from a friend in New Zealand to say that he had picked up a copy. Over here most local newsagents can obtain a copy if you order one. The mag site also has a box in which you can find out your nearest supplier. Apart from anything else, I think that the magazine is a good read for people of our generation. Hope the weather is clement, wherever you are now. Cheers, Del.

Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

Hi Del, we are in Yuma Arizona right now, will be here till Monday next.
Weather sunny and warm in the afternoons but chilly in the evenings and early morning.
Cant wait to read your article. Hey we now have another famous Cuckooite.

Del said...

Eff, famous isn't a word we use in the casa Southon. My last manager, with his eye on the fast buck, wanted me to become famous by appearing in a video documentary for TV Channel Four titled, 'A Day in the Life Of an Artist.' After meeting the director and seeing what they had in mind, I told them both to take a walk. I'm happier, if poorer, the way I am. Tucson sounds great, cowboys and such. Snowing here, again. Del.

Anonymous said...

I managed to get a copy of Best Of British,from
Smiths in Ipswich,very nostalgic,
lots of lovely pictures of bygone
days and items we would all remember,
great magazine, also enjoyed the artical by Derek Southon, I will be posting one off to my sister in Australia .there is an order form in the Mag; or of
or 01778 392019