Monday, 9 February 2009

Fw: Best of British.Of Cuckoo's and Conkers.


It has come to my understanding that many of you have had trouble obtaining a copy of Best of British,not all Newsagents carry the magazine.Do not worry Del Southon has given us the go ahead to publish it next month and we will include the complete story with out the cutting the Magazine made.I have had the privilege to have read the article and it is a tribute to Del and the Cuckoo estate.As the length of the article is over a 1000 words we will print it in three chapters.
The Editor.


bob stevens said...

This can be ordered on line at
Cost £4.00 including postage.

Grace said...

I have looked in our W H Smiths and could not find it will try again ,thanks for the info BoB if no luck will order it on line.

yvonneh said...

hi there,
got my copy in Crawley, Smiths. very well written Del, I enjoyed it.
Grace I can always get one for you if you are stuck and put it in the post, let me know.

grace said...

Thanks Yvonneh for the offer to get the book ,but i am going to Oxford on Tues so should get it there if not will let you know