Sunday, 1 February 2009

New to our site

If you are new to our site ,please take time to introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself.We are so glad you found us and welcome to the wonderful world of Cuckooites.


Anonymous said...

John Mathews said...
Hi Tommy
My name is John Matthews and lived at 52 Templeman Road from 1937 until 1959 and still living in Hanwell.
Have just discovered your existance from an artical in the latest edition of the Best Of British magazine.
It brought back many memories of my childhood days
Kindest regards

01 February 2009 18:49

Tommy said...

John so glad you found us,I hope our site gives you a great deal of enjoyment,we try to have something for every one,what you contribute will bring you many new friends who shared a common interest of growing up on the estate.

Roy Baker. said...

Dear Tommy,

I have recently found the site and thought I would show willing and send a couple of photos of then and now. I used to live in Westcott Crescent where I was born in 1945 and left when i got married in 1966. I still have a sister in Westcott Crescent and I am still in touch with a couple of friends who are Cuckooites, one living in Australia and the other in Devon. I believe you may have had correspondence from my brother Ted who also recently discovered the site. I also have a couple of photos that someone might find interesting, one is of a street party in Westcott Crescent for the Coronation in 1953 and the other photo was taken on sports day at Brentside Junior Boys School 1952/3. I'll send them on separate emails and supply as many names as I can, not sure what the protocol is on supplying names but they might jog a few memories and I don't suppose anyone will mind.

Roy Baker from Ealing, London

Tommy said...

Welcome Roy so glad you found us,I hope we have something to offer you and we welcomw you to the wonderful world of Cuckooites.

Tag's said...

As some of noticed Ted Baker also came onto the site at the end of last month.

Ted, if your still with us...
did you have a brother Charlie he was about four years younger than you?

Ted baker said...

Hi there tag. yes i do have a brother charlie.He now lives in Luton. works for aerospace as a inventer.I see my brother roy as joined now. by Ted

Tags said...

Hi Ted,
Yes Charlie was in my class Ted at Junior school, he'll remember me I think. Sounds like he did well for himself, good for him.

Shaun Abear. said...

shaun abear said...
my brother and myself lived in
greenford and used the tower youth
club in the early 1950s your web site has bought back a lot of
memories, i am still in touch with
ron richards who lived on the estate many thanks to cookooites

shaun abear e mail shaun

Robert Hambling. said...

Does anyone remember the Hambling family the twins went to cuckoo school and Jack Joan&Betty
went to Drayton manor.
here is hoping
Robert Hambling