Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Next months features

Hi Cuckooites,
you will not want to miss next months features on this website.front and foremost we are going to Feature Del Southon Cuckoo's to Conkers that was printed in this months Best of British.This will be the unabridged full version not the watered down one.Also as a feature we want you to way in with your Pet Peeves,Gripes and Hates this is open to any subject but we ask you only post one at a time to give every one a chance to contribute,you can come back as many times as you like but only post one gripe,any more than one will be removed by me.We also are contemplating a surprise for all of you so be sure and check in Daily for a update on this subject.
Have a great month of March and Spring is just around the corner.
visit us at Cuckoo Estate Hanwell W.7. We had over 1600 folks visit us last week and read more than 6000 pages on our site.
We are on the move Tommy

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jim davis said...

Tom I just tried putting this comment on to test something. ! May 2009