Sunday, 1 February 2009

Places we worked after leaving school.



Ted baker said...

Hi there. after leaving school in 1955 up to 1968 i had 108 jobs. i got married in 1968 joined the council hgv driver. stayed with them for 25 years retired through ill health. i buy and sell junk on ebay. im a horder. my garage is full of stuff ive collected from carboots. by Ted

Lynn Smith said...

Wow Ted, 108 jobs that must be a record. I can't claim nearly as many as that, being a young pip squeak of a girl compared to some on the site. I left school in 1983 and trained to be a nursery nurse at Southall College for two years. I did a lot of nannying around Hanwell during that time and when I first qualified. I then worked for an agency providing cover in day nurseries around London for a few months, then landed my first full time job. I was a Play Therapist at Ealing hospital on the children's ward for a year. One of my most enjoyable but also sad at times jobs. I then worked in a London Borough of Ealing day nursery in Turnham Green for just over a year until I met my husband to be and moved to Clacton where mum and some of my other siblings had already moved to. I worked for Essex County Council in a home for children and young adults with disabilities and learning difficulties for six months, then had to give up work to have my first child. Eighteen months later baby number two arrived so I had a short break from working. before long I managed to get involved in our local pre-school and with children in tow ( not allowed these days) I ran the pre-school for a couple of years. Whilst living in Clacton we had the pleasure of being visited weekly by the Colchester Playbus. I became involved with this and when I moved to Colchester in 1992 became a permanent volunteer. We had two playbuses, big old, not very reliable things, which were painted in bright colourful paints. Children's faces would shine as they saw us driving down their road and park up for them to come and play. As you can see most of my career has been based around playing, not bad eh. But then I landed a sensible job, so I had to grow up and not play so much. I saw an advert in the local paper for a childcare inspector. One of the qualifications was the NNEB which I had gained all those years before in Southall, so I thought what the hell I'll apply. Fifteen years later and having been taken over by Ofsted in 2001 I'm still here inspecting childcare. The funny story about landing the job in the first place was that I had only just learned to drive in the February and applied for the job, which required a full driving license and car in the April. I merrily ticked the box that I had a car I could use as I didn't expect to get the job. I wasn't lying I did have a car to use but it was a twenty year old Morris Marina. Poor old thing used to chug along the A 12. The speedo was a bit shaky, but I always knew when I was driving at 60 because my silver bracelets I had worn since I was 17 used to rattle. I ended up lost more times than not in those early days some of the episodes I could write a book about, but that's another story. Thanks god for sat navs is all I can say. Take care all.

Lynn Smith said...

Sorry just seen the length of the last comment, OOps I've written another essay!!!

Tags said...

My Resume.
Worked in a Fishmongers (The Avenue W.13) during the school summer holidays...phew! did that job stink.

Delivery boy/labourer, on long distance articulated lorry. Saw the country.

Worked as a skivvy/dishwasher J.Lyons cornerhouse W.5, during Easter holidays, yuck!

Worked as a general labourer/council gardener for Ealing Council on the Cuckoo Estate during college summer holidays. Had fun.

Worked as Brickie's labourer/hod carrier, during college holidays.
kept for bricklayers supplied with muck and bricks. Fit as a fiddle.

TV storyboard artist Advertising Agency, liked the job, Ad Agency company went bankrupt.

Part time Hod carrier again and on the dole.

Cargo Freight delivery driver, from Heathrow to where ever in UK.

Deep Freeze frozen goods warehouse labourer, Perivale. Shiftwork and friggin' freezin'.

Airline ramp rat/ground crew at Heathrow, drive and operate mobile aircraft equipment on tarmac.
noisy and shiftwork.

Artist/Designer, high end ladies fashion manufacturer. Bury st. Edmunds area.

Antique Market...Bric-a-Brac vendor/merchant, Bury St.Edmunds and Portobello Road London.

On-the-dole again.

Quick draw artist for Heraldry company, throughout various Castles etc. in England and also to US.
Fastest pen in the west.

Fleet Street, NUJ, for
various major Daily Newspapers,
Graphic Artist/Editorial layout.
Would work at more than one paper each day.
Made a few bob and made up for lost time.

Graphic and Advertising Design.
Various places/companies/ and career achievements in the USA.
Hasn't been easy but learned a lot.

I'm sure I've missed a few and I've left out the juicy bits.

Tommy said...

Loved your job experiences Lynn,you do a valuable service keepng the little ones safe and sound.

susan boyce[shelvey said...

i lrft school at 15 and started working at author howards makingv school uniforms the first day was so scarry i remember like yeasturday i stayed there for a while. after that i had a few jobs none i realy liked then i started working for an agency doing temp work. i realy liked temp. work i met lots of people and got lots experence. like my sister Lynn i started helping the local playschools when my children started. i moved to Jaywick when my youngest was 6 i soon started working at the preschool in jaywick i all so worked for the play bus now all i do is baby sit my grandchildren and children of my freinds Sue Boyce [Shelvey]

Tommy said...

Susan babysitting is not easy.I sit my grandkids and I am ready to give them back after acouple of hours.One needs to have lot's of patience.Be sure and send us some photo's in so we can put you on Then and Now.

bob stevens said...

Bob Stevens
Left senior school in 53, worked at Hawkins in Geenford opposite the Granada til 54, went to try my hand at a garage Sharwood motors in Ealing, tooo cold in the winter, left and went back to Hawkins til call up in 57.
Did the 2 year national service in the army catering corps, making corporal and in charge of cookhouse at the Beds Bucks and Herts regiment in the garrison town of Brentwood.
Came out in 59 went back to Hawkins
married in the September and made manager of the first shop I worked in Greenford.
1960 Granada closed and Tesco moved in, Hawkins lost most trade and I then went to work at W.Dorling and Sons in Ham near Richmond, stayed 3 years then went into the Scandinavian furniture business as a sales rep.
Started a company in the same business in 70 til I sold to an italian manufacturer in 87, since then been doing consultancy work in office furniture design and manufacture.
I have been fortunate, this business has taken me all over the world thus meeting and making many friends.
Still married to Joy, 50 years this September, 1 Daughter, two Grandchildren and two great grandchildren, life is sweet, still manage to pull a little work here and there, keeps one's mind and body active.
Today should have gone into London for a meeting, 12" snow overnight made the decision for me "don't go"
Lovely to see the now and then pictures, I wonder if we can look at the group/class photo's and put names to the boy's.
Tommy thanks for your continued dedication to this site.

Ted baker said...

Hi there looking back. I new i was going to be a lorry driver, when i was five i was over the back thats the fields behind the community centre.Which is now a village green.There was a slabe i got a old prame wheel and said to myself im going to be a lorry driver.How the fields became a village green. is because C.E.T.R.A. fought hard and long. How it started in 1986 i moved to 110 westcott crescent.(i was buying it)I gothold of these plains that said that they the coucil wanted to put a flood lit football pitch behind my house. And at the top in the little john playing fields thay was going to put a block of flats. So got the plains poto copied. over 100 in all those who backed onto the. fields That was the start of a long battle with the council. thats how cetra. started. If it was'nt. for the people who run it The council would have ruined the cuchoo estate if they had there way

Ted baker said...

To continue from my last page.I would say 80 per sent of the estate did'nt care less about the playing feilds.In 1988 i met my second wife sarah, Got married in 1989 went to cheshire, (Elim bible collage) stayed there till 1990 Sold my house. after leaving collage we moved back onto the estate and stayed with my mum. who was on her own. 94 westcott crecent. Continued with cetra.The backbone of certa was my two sisters. Pat harding. who still lives on the estate. and my sister christine who lives in wolverhamton.By the way why dount you have your reunion at the Hanwell community centre.I will try to make it if i can in 2010. I think my wife will be a bit out of place as she is only 41. we have been married 19 years now. Got to go now as ive got to get her out of bed. its nearly 7am. by Ted.

Tommy said...

Ted we have a load of younger folks attending.Many are grand children of our folks, who knew the estate form either living their or visiting grandparents.The reason we do not use the community center is the hall in Perivale is much cosier and easier to get to than the Cuckoo estate hall.The A 40 runs right by,the tube station is just minutes away.And Horsenden Hill is right there.

tags said...

It's not far from Hoovers, you could walk it from the Estate.

Ted baker said...

Why i said why not use the coukoo cetre. thats where the coukoo estate got its name from.And its just as easly to get to. And as you get more and more people joining your site. it as bigger halls. your be needing. Any way its up to you. by Ted

bob stevens said...

Tommy, perhaps worth looking into.
Maybe 1 or 3 people willing to meet and view the facilities is an option.

Tommy said...

Ted and Bob,Jackie Stringer is our U. K do it all gal,She is the one who books the halls,gets the cattering and keeps us up and running.If you two want to contact her and see what can be arranged to look at the halls at the community center and check prices I will gladly put you in touch.The hall is all ready booked for 2010 you need to do this early to get your dates.The planning that has to go into a event like this is enormous ,Bob you was at the last one and you saw how well it came of.This will be my 4th Reunion and I can tell you aI sweat it for a year hoping all goes well.
Keep sharing those ideas.

Ted baker said...

Hi is me again, as any of you ever been back to the centra. its change a bit sinc i was a kid i remember going up to the top of the clock tower, what a sight you could see for miles. In 1957 i joined the youth club. One night a group of us got into the place for a laugh, it was pitch black about 12 midnight we heard these strange noises like some one scraping there leg along the floor. one of the lads we was with said its a ghost. Well i tell you what we all tryed to get out of the same window to-gether. We never did that again.When i was about 12 if you wanted to join our gang you had to down into the dungeon which was pitch black. a couple of us you go in first. One would take the new lad in and half way in leave him there to make his own way out. There was skeleton painted on the wall, the lads who went in there first would shine a light on it. The screams that came out of there was very funny. We was all ways over the back fields as we had camp over there. a hole in the ground with old corrugated iron for the roof and turf. there was other camps over there and we used to raid each others camps, and see what we could get.We had no leader as we was all as bad as each other.(TROUBLE)

tags said...

Didn't someone keep ferral cats in those holes under the corrugated iron?, not sure now, if it was Steadman or Knight who did that.

bob stevens said...

Wonder where Lennie Knight and Alec Steadman are now, anyone know?

Ted baker said...

I used to know a Stedman at school he was a right bully. Me and my mate lenny ordway was going home after sports, some one shouted out look out i ducked lenny did not but brought his fist up and hit him fall in the face. He never bullied us again.Does anyone know a chap called godbolt He lived in westcott, He became a dentist. Or Roy brooks.. by Ted

jim davis said...

Hi Bob, Alec is still living in this area, Ickenham I think.We knocked around together in a group as early teenagers, then as you do the group broke up, and I have never bumped into him since. Alec from time to time got a bit lairey, but he wasn't a particularily good fighter Ted. Well not in my books anyway.