Friday, 13 February 2009

Then and Now Terry @Beryl Finucine


Roy Baker said...

Hi Terry,I remember Beryl I think she was about my age, I was born in '45 and you all lived in Westcott. Did you work in the greengrocer's for a while?

Ted baker said...

Hi there Terry. like my brother Roy. i new both of you. im sure you was in my class my name is Ted baker i lived up the road from you at 73. Did'nt you go in to scrape metal. im not sure but thats what i heard through the grape vine i was born in 1940 by Ted

Tommy said...

Hi Terry and Beryl,great to see the photo's of my Auntie Flo and uncle Jim.As a kid I spent so much time around your house your Mom was such a great woman not a care in the world.she used to make me laugh so much.I am so glad we found each other again after all the years we where parted.Your cousin Tommy

jim davis said...

I got on well with both your mum and dad Tel, it is nice to see their photo on the site. Mum sure was a funny lady that's where you get it from.

Michael L said...

HI Terry, as kid of 13 worked in Moons the greengrocers along with my mum Winifred (Win) Lait and your brother Paddy. One day Charlie the manager of Moons had a bit of a go at me for storing the empty potato sacks in the wrong place and I started to cry, I was still crying when you came into the shop about 1 hour later. You asked me what was wrong, I told you Charlie had moaned at me about the sacks. You were not impressed with his bullying tactics and told Charlie he had no right to talk a kid like that. You went on to bundle me into your car and took me home. Cheers mate I owe you one.

Michael L.

Tommy said...

Welcome back Michael,we have missed the laite familt.Pam has been very busy she has mentioned to me.We like your input keep commenting.

Anonymous said...

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