Sunday, 1 February 2009

Then and Now Roy Baker


Roy Baker. said...

Dear Tommy,

I have recently found the site and thought I would show willing and send a couple of photos of then and now. I used to live in Westcott Crescent where I was born in 1945 and left when i got married in 1966. I still have a sister in Westcott Crescent and I am still in touch with a couple of friends who are Cuckooites, one living in Australia and the other in Devon. I believe you may have had correspondence from my brother Ted who also recently discovered the site. I also have a couple of photos that someone might find interesting, one is of a street party in Westcott Crescent for the Coronation in 1953 and the other photo was taken on sports day at Brentside Junior Boys School 1952/3. I'll send them on separate emails and supply as many names as I can, not sure what the protocol is on supplying names but they might jog a few memories and I don't suppose anyone will mind.

Roy Baker from Ealing, London

Tags said...

Hi Roy, I think your brother Charlie was in my class in Junior school. Do you have a brother called Charlie?... he lived on Wescott and i can see the family likeness in your photo.

Roybak45 said...

Hi Tags,
Yes Charlie is 2 years older than me born 1943 and he wore glasses. If you're J.B. (Here and Now)I recognise the name he must have talked about you, did you have a relation in Westcott?

tags said...

Yep, that's me alright. My eldest sister lived at about number 100 Wescott the garden backed onto the old Cuckoo school fields, near where the archery was.
Her eldest son Alan was deaf and disabled. He would watch the archery and later he became really good at it and won lot's of awards.
I remember finding a proper metal arrow in the grass once and swopped it Phil Morris for a smashing harmonica.
I do remember Charlie's national health specials, I wore some for a while too. I can't remember did he go on to grammar school, I know Gordon Furneaux, David Conquest and Peter Frost did, they were in my class and so was the butcher's son Baxter among others.

Roy Baker said...

Thanks for that, i've been puzzling over why I knew your name. I remember Alan, he had a bike with a sign on the back, unfortunately we couldn't communicate so he didn't play out much. Did you know Johnny Dawes he lived at 76 Westcott and was in your year at school. Chas missed passing the 11+ but Brentside got a new headmaster Mr Phillips and Chas's class was the first GCE class and he stayed on and took them. He eventually got a degree in Thermal Dynamics and works in the aerospace industry. He retired last year but got bored with hanging out the washing, as he put it, so has gone back on temporary contract basis.
I remember the Furneauxs, there was one your age and another one my age and they lived in the prefabs in Gurnell Grove. I was amazed when i went there, the prefabs were much more modern than the estate houses, perhaps they were shipped from the US?
I think you were in Mr Coburn's class in the juniors as I was, I think him and Mr Griggs alternated taking the 11+ class for two years. I didn't pass the 11+ but i learnt how to make a book, weave a scarf and sing Silent Night in German but I can't say they've come in useful. Where did you go after Brentside?

tags said...

Sorry Roy,
I'm a bit late in replying, too many other boxes this month to visit.
It's hard to keep up with the Jonesies let alone the Bakers.

That's right that was my nephew Alan, he was only about a year younger than me.
The name Dawes sounds familiar but I can't visualise him.
Just before the 11+ exams I foolishly volunteered to do some gardening at the school and consequently missed a lot of lessons. I remember one of the gormless kids stuck a garden fork through his own bloomin' foot.

I did pass the Technical exam and went to Ealing Tech/Art School at about 13 in the junior section, it was co-educational and too much fun to learn much apart from some anatomy and biology.

At age 15yrs. I went on to the further education part of Ealing Tech College/and Art School on St.Mary's Road, drank lots of rough cider everyday in the Castle Pub opposite, dressed like a bohemian beatnick, grew a beard, drew pictures of naked ladies and dated long haired nickerless redheads with heavy mascara and fishnet black stockings and rolled my own cigarettes.
Naturally I stayed there 'til I had to leave and get a job in advertising, that was around about 1963.
Then after giving up the promise of a great career, I dropped out after a few years and became a hippy for a while and grew long hair myself, listened to the Beatles and Rolling Stones, went to a few Rock Concerts and rolled my own and smoked a pipe.
Until I got bored with that, then I shaved took a shower, got a haircut and brought a whistle and flute, packed a suitcase and settled into oblivion in the good ol' US of A. Where unfortunately, I had to work hard for a living, drove an old Chevy and paid taxes to Uncle Sam and listened to '50's rock n' roll, and shovelled mountains of snow in the freezing cold winters and travelled the States etc. etc..

Life is a bit tamer nowadays though, now that I'm retired and married to a young Yankee gal.

Charlie sounds like he chose a more sobering and useful career than I did.

John said...

Ted...there were three Furneaux brothers, Gordon was my age, he went to grammar school and became the Chief Engineer in charge of all the Ealing Borough Council Schools including Brentside/Cuckoo.
Johnny was a few years older and I think was in the Upper Remove.
I'm trying to remember the youngest one's name.

JOhn said...

Sorry, I meant Roy, not Ted.