Sunday, 1 February 2009

Then and Now John Battaglia


yvonneh said...

which one is tags? God John that takes me back,prefer the chubby one though with you present. But as good looking as ever.

yvonneh said...

Sorry John forgot to say, love the Simon Cowell waistband

Tags said...

Yes, I'm not sure what's going on with the waistband Yvonne, looks like my trousers were probably another pair of my brother's
hand-me-downs. I know the jacket was, which I had shortened to give it a more mod Italian style look.
This must be just post my Edwardian (Teddy Boy) era and also after art students wore our grandfathers starched collars with rounded corners. I was about 17 in this old photo, I hardly recognise myself.

Who's Simon Cowell anyway??

Del said...

John, great shirt. If you ever decide to part with it, send it over to the Hadleigh charity shop and I'll be first in the queue. Is that a trellis behind you or the portcullis? Del.

tags said...

Actually Del, the photo was taken at a Chicago skyscraper roofdeck party and I'm not sure what that is behind me, I must say it does rather look like the portcullis on a brass threepenny bit though.

tags said...

Hi Del,
Sorry I can't part with my blue Hawaiian shirt just yet, and sadly the white shirt I was wearing in the other photo got ripped in pieces shortly after the photo was taken in a brawl I was in outside the White Hart of all places.
It was a rare occasion for me, not in my usual behavior.
I got suddenly angry at a couple of blokes one of whom had just punched my brother.
Fortunately I got the better of them both and came out of the scrap unmarked. I did have to tuck the remnants of my shirt back on under my jacket though before I went home so that my mum wouldn't know what we'd been up to.

tags said...

It's not far from Hoovers, you could walk it from the Estate.

tags said...

oops, wrong box.