Monday, 16 February 2009

Visitors to our site

Hi Cuckooites,checking in on our stats I am pleased to say we have had almost 1600 visitors to the site this past week.This tells me how popular this site is and folks are getting what they want from it.The Then and Now feature has been a great success and Yvonne Holt has taken her page and claimed it as her own .She has by far the most visits than any other Cuckooite.Well done Yvonne you tell that Jim Davis who is the boss on your page.I am happy and excited with what we have achieved with our website and it could not have been done with out your participation keep up the good work.Remember to visit us often at and share this website with your friends.
It is not to late to send in your photo's for Then and Now we would love to see them.
Have a good week Tommy.


Ted baker said...

Hi there could you tell me when the cuckooites started. im trying to get in touch with a old friend. who was one of the first people to join your site .Name Lenny Ordway lived in tempalman road. By Ted

jim davis said...

Ted in the green panel on the right if you scrole down you will come to dates 2009 2008 and 2007. Along- side each there is a small triangle. Click the triangle on the year you want I.E. 2007 and you will be able to view everything that has been put on cuckooites in that year. After that you can do the same for 2008 etc. Cuckooites started in 2007. I hope that helps

jim davis said...

I was thinking,( now that leaves me open for a bit of stick doesn't it ?) If Tommy likes the idea, for a topic of conversation how about. MY PET HATES ! I am sure we will all have plenty of them. We will of course need to have rules, and if we go ahead these are two I think we should adopt. I have no doubt that we will have some pet hates in common. That is Ok we will be able to, or indeed encouraged to comment just as we do now. These are the two rules I would propose. To give everyone a look in a maximum of only two pet hates each time you come to the page. Come back as many times as you like. But no long lists please because the idea is for everyone to get a chance to have a say. My idea is to get it off your chest but have a bit of fun doing it.

jim davis said...

In the end I only said one rule, because I think that one would be enough. But if you will, please let Tommy know what you think.

Tommy said...

Jim great idea let us make it the feature for next month and let every one think about it for the nexr couple of weeks.