Friday, 13 February 2009

Website Then and Now

Hi Cuckooites,
have you had a chance to visit the website and see all the folks who have contributed to Then and Now.The response has been wonderful and these folks have their own page where you can contact them ,send a email right from their home page.The response to the site has been amazing as we can now track visitors from all over the world,So far this week we have had over 1100 folks check out our website,you can check our stats by scrolling down the index until you come to counter on the right hand side .There is a place you can left click on called check my stats  the information it gives us is amazing.This site is very popular and we want you to enjoy it and give us feed back on ideas and future features you would like seen introduced,do not be shy it is a very easy hands on site and you can not screw up.
Check out your old friends at   
Have a great week Tommy.


Del said...

JohnB suggested cars that we may have owned. What about favourite books, films and a piece of music that recalls a special memory? Del.

Tommy said...

Great idea Del.I had mentioned in my profile as a blogger a book that I read as a kid called .Swallows and Amazons I loved that book and on one of our numerous trips to London from the states I found it in a book store and still have it in my libary.

jOHN said...

Did anyone elses family have a set of encyclopedias.
Probably purchased from one of the many door-to-door salesmen on HP.
I am not sure now but ours were red bound volumes, about ten volumes in all.
I think they were called Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia.

jim davis said...

I never heard of those Encyclopedia John, bot the Encyclopedia Britanica was purched by a few people paying weekly and they were very expensive.

jim davis said...

Blimey my spelling was bad in the last entry.