Sunday, 22 March 2009

Fw: Our second book All our Yesterdays

Hello Cuckooites,
we are getting ready to send our second book to press,this one is bigger and even better than the first one and we have given it the title of
It is packed full of photo's and stories from the past and today from Cuckooites all around the world.We are asking you to pre order this book so we can get a idea of how many to have printed on our first printing.
The cost of each book is £8.50 and this includes shipping and postage.We want you to pre order and send your Checks made payable to Cuckooites to

Jackie Stringer

37 Weall Court

School Lane

Pinner, Middlesex, England HA5 5PG

Phone number 0208 868 3133


Thank you for your support we know you will enjoy this book for years to come.


Grace said...

Thanks Tommy kept meaning to ask Jackie when the new book was coming out wil get in touch with her may need more than one once i have asked the family ,looking forward to the reunion .

Del said...

Nice cover design, well done JohnB! Del.

JohnB said...

Thanks Del, although I designed the cover most of the credit this year goes to Jackie and John Holdstock who have taken on the monumental task of compiling and designing the contents of the new book and getting the book printed.
I know JohnH will do a super job of it.

jim davis said...

For now I want one book Jackie please.