Monday, 16 March 2009

Poem Brent

Dream River

For as young children ,we once played by a stream

Now forever Brent river shall run thru our dreams

Playing under her bridges , and sheltering from rain

Hearing whistling above, a puffing Push n' Pull train

A girl skipping, slips splashing, from a stepping stone

Her big brother has been fishing, for golf balls to own

Nigh quaint colourful caravans, black stallions do stand

As an old gypsy woman, makes paper flowers, by hand

Set high on the green hill is Charlie Chaplin's old school

From it's gray clock tower perch, our Cuckoo bird calls

Hastily gathering Horse Chestnuts, from under the trees

A boy stuffs them in pockets, they hang full to his knees

In Ye Olde White Hart, men throw darts and drink beer

From Greenford's Granada, children cheering we hear

While silently in Churchfield, weeping willows do sway

See the Bunny Park rabbits, and a peacock's tail display

Children play in a cave, where Dick Turpin did hide

Neath Hanwell's viaduct arches, our Brent does glide

Flowing forth to the Thames, now our river must roam

The Church clock chimes four, it is time we were home

From a top window, of a number 55 bus, we can see

Some lads in Pete's Café, drinking nice cups o' tea.

by Tags


Del said...

Nice one JohnB. Here's a teaser, does anyone know what Dick Turpins cave really was? Del

tags said...

Not sure Del, but I bet it wasn't really his cave.

Tommy said...

I allways thought that it was under the railway bridge at the Bunny park.

Anonymous said...

Dick Turpins Cave was actually an ice house.Snow would have been tightly packed into it during the winter.It would have been well insulted with earth on the outside.This then provided ice for the posh residents in the big house nearby so they could have cool drinks in the summer.There is a good example of a complete ice house in Kew Gardens.Pete jordan

tags said...

Wow! I didn't know that it was the remnants of an ice house Pete.
I thought it may have been the entrance to some tunnel to the Church.
As for it's location it was inside Brent Lodge on slope of a hill near the Church.
When I was a kid it was little more than small hollow or cave like recess with some remnants of a brick or stone structure.

Anonymous said...

There was also the remains of an ice house in Bluebell Woods, it may have served for Osterley House.
Pete Jordan

Del. said...

An ice is exactly right. I only discovered that when I mentioned Dick Turpins cave to a park keeper and he put me right, I must have been a teenager by then. Del.

tags said...

Oh well it was Dick Turpin's cave to us little kids even if it was only in our imaginations.

Del said...

I remeber learning to swim in the Brent. On one occasion, just as I'd dog-paddled into a shallow part and stood up, Stan Andrews, who'd been watching me, picked something out of the water and threw it at me. It wrapped around my neck and I thought that it was a piece of soggy cloth until I pulled it away, it was a dead water rat. Del

tags said...

It's a wonder that we didn't all die of the bubonic plague.

Del said...

What was worse than water rats were the leeches. We were watching The African Queen once and it was the scene where old Bogart got covered in them. I said to Charlotte that it was probably shot on the Brent. Del

Eff said...

In Cajun country in Louisiana they call the abundant supply of water rats 'Nutria' and they eat them.

Anonymous said...

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