Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Fw: September 26th 2009 Reunion.

Hi Cuckooites,
Just a update on the Reunion planned for September.Interest is very high for this event and we expect a quick sell out.As I have mentioned to you our mailing list has more than doubled since the last Reunion and our website is receiving as many as 300 visitors a day.We will be sending out the invitation registration forms by this weekend and we urge you to send them back as soon as possible to avoid disappointment ,we have room for only 120 attendees.One minor change to the previous notice the fee has changed to £8.00 each person after booking the hall we found out the price had gone up by £100.00 sorry about that but this is still a great value as this price just covers the cost of the buffet.Look for you registration this week and be sure to act right away if you want to attend this great Cuckooite get together.
I will keep you all updated to any changes .
Have a great week Tommy

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Anonymous said...

Hi there tommy i for got about ronny ratchford. who lives down under.I wonder if you could get in touch with lady who takes the bookings if she could put it on my application form instead of three to make it four. i send her the money for Ron. if thate OK. by Ted.