Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hanwell Community club Football team


Ted Abear said...

Hi Tom.. The photo of the football team, I have got their names.
from Left to right..Back Row

Ron House..Jack Stannard...B Harrington... Len Price... M "Podge" Rogers... Ted Abear

Front Row..

D Coombs...John Crew.. D McDonald.. Shaun Abear... Jim Stroud

Cheers Ted

Davis Stunpton.. said...

I do not remember,did they ever have a football pitch back behind the old Cuckoo schools.

Anonymous said...

hi ted are you sure the fellow next to del coombes in the front row is john crew my mum is sure it's Dave Cons from Upfield Road.

tags said...

Yep there was a football pitch that I remember. It was to the west of Cuckoo Schools, but that may have been later than this photo I think.