Tuesday, 17 March 2009

No one believes seniors


Anonymous said...

Is she really that quiet Tommy?

regards Angela

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tommy,when I clicked on
initially,the story didn't come up!
Felt a real idiot again!
Regards to all Angela (Wakenell)

Tommy said...

Angela looks like I will have to give you another lesson.Did you tell the Markwells about the Reunion.

Anonymous said...

Your right Tommy,Ive got baby brain
again. I type in password then name/url & publish.
Haven't told the Markwells about the reunion. Allan sent a card at Christmas & you know I spoke to him several times about the site. Other than that we don't keep in touch on a regular basis. Our other brother in law (Len Spencer)often looks in on the site,don't know if he would have mentioned it.
He is quite a social person & it would be a very short journey for him,maybe you could give him a nudge!