Thursday, 19 March 2009

Reunion update

Hi Cuckooites,
here is the latest news from Jackie as of today,this Reunion is selling out fast,at this rate the registrations are coming so fast I am having trouble keeping up.She is suggesting to you folks who are planning on attending and still have not sent in your request and money to do it right away as any time we could be putting up the sold out sign,We have only had the reunion reservations on sale for two weeks and we are nearly there.WE will not let anyone attend who arrives on the night and is not registered and paid for so please do NOT bring friends or family who are not registered.There is a strict capacity allowed of 120 people and we can not go over this amount.We urge all Cuckooites to send in their requests now to save being told, sorry we are sold out.

Thanks Tommy.


Jim Davis said...

Hello everybody, boy has Google come up with something now. If you are thinking of purchasing a house in a particular area, going on holiday,or if you just want to see where you live or lived just visit this new Google service. You can really travel up and down streets at street level. If you have not tried it please do you will be amazed. You will find you can travel so far then you will have to enter a new address. For you Cuckooites try this out.(Cuckoo Ave Hanwell W7 London England)

Johnb said...

Thanks for the tip Jim, I punched in White hart Greenford Avenue Hanwell W7 on google map and eventually got to do the Street Level 360 degree of the shops and the pub. Sadly it wasn't opening hours yet.

Tommy said...

Great information Jim,fun way to take a trip down memory lane.

jim davis said...

Well Tom you have just come up with a title of the third book. A Trip Down Memory Lane, ( that's a clever boy )

Tommy said...

Jim never thought of that one,I am excited about this book,I have been helping John H with naming faces on the photo's in the book.The lay out is exceptional ,I have done the first 28 pages and waiting for the next batch.Jackie hopes to have it to the printers in short order,that is why we are asking for firm paid orders.The more we order the cheaper the cost.The Reunion is selling out fast and it was nice to be able to offer prices that every one can afford.It will be fun to meet up with all the gang one more time.