Saturday, 7 March 2009

Ted Abear sent in these photo's of the youth club that met in the Old Cuckoo school.


Ted Abear. said...

Hanwell Community Centre Youth Club
(Held in the Old Cuckoo School)

My brother Shaun and I, with a friend Johnny Crewe, were members of the Hanwell Community Centre Youth Club from 1950 to 1953. We lived in Greenford and attended the Club every evening, including Sundays. We also played in the Hanwell Community Club Football team. This was run by a Mr. Spring if my memory serves me right. We played in the Ealing Youth League. I remember when we had a football match against a boy’s club from Penrhiwceiber – we went by coach on a Friday and played them on the Penrhiwceiber Colliery football pitch on the Saturday. On the Sunday morning, they organized a trip down a coal mine, the Deep Duffryn pit at Aberdare.

In July 1952, the Youth Club organised a week’s holiday at a Youth Camp in the New Forest at Brockenhurst. We stayed in log cabins, the boys in one and the girls in another – the group was made up of boys and girls. All above board, no hanky panky in them days!! We went on a trip to Bournemouth and all the boys bought corduroy cheesecutter caps in a gent’s shop for 10/6p walking from the station to the beach front. We also visited the Isle of Wight on a day out.

We had a lot of friends in the Club who lived on the Cuckoo Hill Estate. I have quite a few names and old photos that this Cuckooite site might like to see. All these girls and boys lived on the Cuckoo Hill Estate at this time:

Girls Boys
Helen Johnson Ron Richardson
Sheila Kenny Clive Wightman
Sheila Braund Fred Wightman
Maureen Phillips John Briames
Phyllis Graves Sid Hooper
Maureen Foley Reg Smith
June Millgate Mickey Gooch
Len Price
Ron House
Mike Rogers
Jack Stannad
B. Harrington
Derek Coombs
D. McDonald
Jim Stroud
Joe Bolton

I remember that Jack Stannard could play the piano well. Also, Mickey Gooch and another mate used to work on the railway as I did, they were on the dining cars from Paddington.

All the best for now.

Ted Abear, Swindon, Wilshire

the editor. said...

Ted told me the photo's of the couple dancing where taking at Ruislip Lido and the guy is his brother Shaun.In the first photo' of three blokes having a pint,Shaun is on the left and Ted is on the far right.

georgek said...

Hi Ted,great photos,although, I do not reconise anybody,I was interested in the football matches played at Penrhiwceiber,my brother and I spent around 7 months as evacuees there 44/45,a proper coal mining town. Take care

Anonymous said...

I just love the caps all the lads are wearing.

sally said...

it was sally who made cap comment.Dont know what happened lol

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