Sunday, 8 March 2009

Two Recent articles from our website in the Ealing Gazette


jim davis said...

I gave The Gazette chief reporter Dan Hodges the Cuckooites web address, because he said he would give me a copy of the pencil sketch of The Old Cuckoo Schools that was published in the Gazette in December. He also said he would be interested in doing an article about our site, and I said we would welcome that. I did not at any time claim to be the founder of the site. The dealings I had with him was via email and I have retained copies if anyone wishes me to post them. People other than me were founders, all I did was mention to my son Jim what Tommy's dream was. He then as a surprise without us knowing set Cuckooites up for us. This was Tom's dream, he has maintained the site and it is coming alone nicely. With a lot of help behind the scenes from Jackie Stringer.

Tommy Higginbottom said...

Thanks, Jim, for your explanation, nobody thought you were trying to grab the glory. My dream was to create something that would allow all of our Cuckooite friends to have a place to come together, share ideas, stories and memories from our past, no matter where they lived. This wouldn't have happened without you and your son's generous help and talents, both of you. But there have been so many others - Jackie Stringer, John Battaglia, Del Southon, John Holdstock, Eff Stevens, just to name a few - who have contributed to the group we call Cuckooites.

The spirit of this idea happened many years ago when two ex-pats got together and shared a drink and some laughs talking about old times ‘back home’. From this grew what we have today. An organization with its roots in the Cuckoo Estate but its heart spread all over the world. To get our message out, we’ll take publicity any way we can get it!

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this website and to everyone that continues to support it. We welcome comments and ideas.