Friday, 6 March 2009

Upfield Road Outing.Do you remember anyone.


Tommy said...

That looks like your Dad Yvonne in the right hand corner,is your Mom there.

bob stevens said...

Come on Yvonne, where are you, sunning yourself on some exotic island?
I,ll start as I know many of the people, starting with my mum, front row on the left.
Mr. Pearson, June and David on the right, you take it from there, I know your mum and dad are there who else do you remember?

yvonneh said...

Hi there I am amazed, is this all of the photo as my mum and dad seems to be cut off. Sorry bob , love to be on an exotic holiday but we cant get ken into the car anymore so no hope there. Well I know the faces but the names escape me, I certainly know your mum, my mum is in the dark costume in front of my dad, The man standing next to my mum was Mr pearce next to him his daughter Doreen and David her brother who had mental problems and used to go to school with my sister, they lived next door to the dump in the middle of Upfield Road. The boy kneeling down with the fair isle pullover and shirt and tie is our younger brother Paul, he thinks it was probably an outing to the tulip fields, he would certainly know more of the adults that were there, he is 10 years younger than me. I was already in the forces when the picture was taken.I will try and forward the picture to him.
He has lived in perivale since leaving home to get married.Hopefully he will put names to the people