Saturday, 14 March 2009

Visitors Page

Hi Everyone,
New feature we are trying.Every week we average around 1500 visitors to our website.It would be nice to know who is visiting.We are asking that you sign yourself into this page and leave a short comment about any thing at all.I will do a sample sign in to get us started.Please give it a try.


Tommy Higginbottom said...

Tommy Higginbottom,Seattle ,Wash,
U. S. A .Just love this site.

Derek Durbin said...

Derek Durbin,Perth ,Australia.I really enjoy reading the comments and seeing the old photo's from the past.

georgek said...

George Key,Haverhill Suffolk England.Cant wait to see you all at the reunion.

grace said...

Grace Redding [bolton] love the site looking forward to meeting old friends in sept living in Buckinghamshire

Anonymous said...

Eileen Venney (Connors) Chandlers Ford Eastleigh, Hampshire.
We'll meet again,dont know where,dont know when.!!

But we do know when.
26th September 2009,
Perivale Community Centre
See You There...

Maureen S said...

Maureen Sullivan.
Basingstoke,New to the site I am facinated with the old memories,I keep coming back.

Del said...

Derek Durbin, good to hear from you. One of my old army mates lives in Perth, he enjoys telling me about the Libyan type weather you get there, talk about a wind up. Del.

Pam Lait said...

Pamela Lait Ipswich Suffolk,
Ex; Borders Road Cuckoo Estate.
Yes I am a regular watcher of the
site. Looking forward to the reunion and maybe finding
someone that I know ???

bob stevens said...

Bob Stevens, looks in every day and enjoys the reading and finding long lost people.

Anonymous said...

hi i visit the web site nearly every day i realy enjoy reading about what people are doing now most of dont live in hanwell when i talk to my children about my child hood they cant imangin living in a place like hanwell. there will never be place like the cuckoo esate. it is a great idea to do the web site.

Sue Boyce[Shelvey] Cuckoo Ave

edna.B said...

Edna Robinson(Bailey), Essex
Love visiting the site, stirs old memories. Cant wait to see every body in September.

Anonymous said...

Angela & Jim Wakenell,just making another social visit to the site.
We settled in this area since 1963.
Nobody in London(including us)had heard of St Neots then. It used to be Huntingdonshire but is now Cambridgeshire. We now live in Little Paxton. Are you none the wiser!

yvonneh said...

great site, computer been out of action, didnt know what to do with myself, back now and all is well again. Mind you it will take me days to catch up with everybody.
yvonne Phipp nee Holt Crawley Sussex

John Corsham said...

Great site Tommy every time I log in I see so many new names ,I must have known many of them but putting names to faces after so long is a bit tricky . Best wishes to all.

John Corsham

yvonneh said...

ah! well John, its because some of us have grown, on account of nobody raiding their larder and eating their tea. Plus all the cakes my mum made. Thats why you cant recognise us,

Lynn Smith said...

Lynn Smith and Flo Boyce. We visit the site a couple of times a week just to see what everyone is up to. Now living in Colchester Essex. Looking forward to the reunion.

george&Joan said...

Hi Lynn/Flo,hope to see you at the reunion

Anonymous said...

Know that JD mentioned the site where you can see the London streets as they are now. Jim & I went onto the site yesterday.The road he lived in in Paddington had long gone. I lived in Tunis road,Shepherds Bush & although most of it was pretty well spruced up,brought back many memories.Jim went onto Westcot,they had lived at no.36. Of course it was again very different but the old oak tree that had been in the Kings back garden & we could see that!
We then went on to Brants Walk. I know several of you lived there as well.They have got posh front doors on the flats now.Lastly we went on to Ruislip Road East.Certainly recognised the houses,but the numbers that came up didn't tally.Really enjoyed looking back. Think it's a great idea for those of us that are away from home.Yes, we still call it home Tommy.
Regards to all Jim & Angela Wakenell

Anonymous said...

lived on the estaste for 44yrs how do i join.

jim davis said...

Anonymouse just by coming to the site as far as we are concerned you are a member, and you can make comments etc. But if You want a Post or/ and Photos put on the site you will do that by sendig the post to the Editor who is Tommy Higginbottom. If you scroll down the right hand side of this page you will see where it says contact the editor, click on that. You have found and used the comments page, but it would be nice if you would sign you name (it is safe to do so) that way we will know who we are talking to. The way you leave your name is. After you have made the comment just below that you can see writing and buttons. The only one you want is where it says NAME/URL click on the little button on the left so it is highlighted . Then in the box enter your name, then press the orange box. That is all you do, but if you want before pressing the orange if you click on the blue button you can see a preview and edit you comments first. Then if you are happy publish them.

Anonymous said...

though lived on the estate for 44yrs my mum moved here in 1937 and i live in the sam house she did

Editor. said...

Hi Anonymous,you seem like you have a lot to share tell us who you are,it is hard to communicate with someone who we do not know their name.We welcome you to our group share with us more of your family and where you live on the estate .

Anonymous said...

live in homefarm rd mothers maiden name was duke

Tommy said...

We have a lot of folks in the group how came from Homefarm road.When I worked ar Dewhursts on the Greenford ave I had a lad called Timmy who worked for me I can not remember his last name, he left for Canada sometime in the 1970's I wish I could remember.He lived on Homefarm Road.

Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

Ethel Damian nee Stevens, lived on Kennedy Path, where there was 8 houses at the bottom of Kennedy Rd.
Love the site, and am now trying to catch up after being gone for 3 months.
The new idea's that are contributed every month help make the site successful. Keep up the good work.

Dianne said...

Only found this site today, never knew it existed. Will keep 'coming back'!

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