Friday, 3 April 2009

Coronation 1953,Top photo's from Westcott Cescent

There is a photo from Roy Baker on the site from the Coronation Party in Westcott Crescent 1953, of all ladies, my Mum Betty Brazier has the same photo (she took from a different angle) plus this one which has a few gentlemen in it.

This has the same ladies from the 1st photo, Beatrice Knight and Vera Brazier (my grandmothers) plus Belle Tiffin and Jean Knight (2nd from right)
From the left the two gentlemen sat on the pavement are from the Dawes family, then there is my grandfather Jim Brazier



South Australia


Editor. said...

Left click on photo to enlarge.

Beryl Naird. said...

Secon Photo,from Homefarm Road.
Right here's some of them.Adults standing from left of picture Mrs Weman Mrs Harris (blind lady)I dont know the next one behind her Mrs Saunders then my mumThe.first girl in that row is me Beryl.In the row in front the boy by my right arm Keith Harris in front of him my sister Janet born 1944.Others I know in there are Margaret Saunders,Mrs York,Mrs Masters.Cant name any more at the moment Thanks for all your help .Regards Beryl

yvonneh said...

Where is the third picture taken. Dont recognise many of them, but the first picture back row second from left I think is dorothy prior.

Beryl Naird said...

Homefarm Road.

Val B said...

I think you are right Yvonne, that is Dot Prior. I can also see Muriel Ansell, 7th from right (standing people). It could well be Margaret her younger sister next to her but not sure.

Anonymous said...

The kids sitting in the 2nd row are Elizabeth Goodger,Madeline
Gainsbury,Richard Mole,Barry Mole,
Micky Gainsbury,Robert Charker &
Richard Chisholm (me).

I am sure that there are elder
siblings of these families but I
cannot recognise them.

Ted baker said...

The first picture. top left to right holding mugs up is colin murphy dot prior next to her was peter wolfer. then me ted baker with mug in front of my face incase anyone recognizes me for breaking there window. Sad to say but colin is not with us anymore died about15 years ago i belive.

jim davis said...

As I mentioned once before Spud did not just die he was murdered.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Alan Wakenell.

In the 2nd photo titeled Sandy Australia. 3rd row from the bottom you will see Alan Wakenell wearing a white shirt with big ears. Thats me. Left are two boys. Gerogie Percy and Tommy Hobbs I think. Right of me looking are some girls. Coral King, Pamela Percy and Wilkins. Can't remember 1st name there. Gret times people. Gret memories. My Brother Jim Wakenell and Angela Wakenell have also contributed to this. I reside in New Zealand and have been here for 40 years this Xmas day 2009. Cheers...Alan Wakenell

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan Wakenell

Were you in a band called The Valkeries with Barney J Barnes?

If so, please see forthcoming entry on The Kool at

best wishes
Nick Warburton

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