Saturday, 18 April 2009

Fw: Second book (All Our Yesterdays)

Hi Cuckooites,
recently I had mentioned to you that our second book (All Our Yesterdays)was in its final stages of edit before we send it to the printer for publication.We have had a great response to this book which is packed full of stories from our past,some are funny ,some sad ,
the photo's will bring back many memories and you will recognize lot's of folks I am sure that you knew growing up on the Cuckoo Estate.This book is a chronicle of our time we hope to leave to our Children and Grandchildren and other generations to come so we will not be forgotten. We are a generation that survived poverty a war and grew up to what we have achieved today,people who can hold their heads High and say we made a difference in this world.
You can order your book from Jackie Stringer
Or call her at  0208 8683 133.
The cost is 8 pounds 50 pence and includes shipping in the U.K.We would like you to pre order so we can get the best deal from the publisher for printing and bulk shipping,please support us on this project by ordering early.We also have a good sellection of Lapel pins for you to wear and show your pride,these are available at 4 pounds and this includes shipping.
Thank you Jackie,John H,John B and Tommy

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george key said...

Jackie,cannot remember if I sent a Cheque for the new book