Thursday, 23 April 2009

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This is a test.Turn up your sound and then tell me if you could watch this show.We are allways trying to improve our site.Please send me back feedback under comments.Tommy

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"2003.05@08 Reunions"
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Tommy said...

Sorry many names are wrong and miss spelled.This is just a test to see if it works easier than the last one we tried.Do you like the pub songs?

georgek said...

Tommy,Brilliant,although I have the worst singing voice in the world I just loved the songs,"our kind of music" and Iam sitting at the computer SINGING.Pictures nice and clear,but not shown long enough to read the peoples names,WELL DONE.

tags said...

Tommy...Great show and soundtrack!

yvonneh said...

excellent tom, could be a bit slower kept missing people

Eff said...

Excellent slide show Tom. The music was great. While I was watching and listening to the music my sister Ena phoned me and said what are you listening to? I held the phone next to the computer and Ena joined in singing the songs, all the way from Texas!

bob stevens said...

Well done Tommy, loved every part of the show.

Grace said...

Great Tommy a bit to fast to be able to read all the names,only reconised Eileen Venney or Conner,s as i new her i new of Derek Aplin as he lived in Greatdown. well done great effort.

Eileen Venney said...

Hello Tommy.

Just been watching your Cuckoo-Reunion-pictures. absolutly brilliant..I have been having a good old sing-song all to myself..the other-half is having his lunch-time "kip".

I never realised that so many pictures were taken. there seemed quite a few pictures that I had never seen before. so that was an added bonus...

So now we all have our own picture show to view whenever we want. thankyou for all the hard work that you do for us "Cuckoo-ites" we will love you forever XXXX

See You Soon


Chris Turley nee Davis said...

Tom thank you for doing the video,and all the old pub songs really bought back a lot of the good old times.
Since you are all sold out for September reunion I hope that you will have the time later to put that one on the photoshow. so that those of us sitting here so far away will see what we missed.
Thanks again and hope you enjoyed seeing the family.