Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Happy anniversary Cuckooites Website.

Posted by Jim Davis.

Happy Anniversary

Yes Cuckooites is now entering its third year, who would have thought when it started it would grow the way it has? Even more intriguing is how things came together as though it was meant to happen.

I can't name all of the people that might have had a hand in its conception, but Tommy, and Ethel (Eff) met in the USA and talked about old times. Brian Holt a Cuckooite and good friend of Tom used to have re-unions with his old army buddies. Whether that gave Tommy the dream to have a Web site or not I don't know but I would like to think so.

Tom will admit, the dream became an obsession, he tried different sites and nothing was suitable. He was getting disheartened, because to get a web site set up professionally was going to cost an awful lot of money. Then I came along. I forget how or why Tommy and I made contact, because back in our youth we were not mates or anything like that, so that first contact was strange. Anyway he told me of his frustration regarding his dream, and I said I would have a word with my son Jim, (yes there is two of us) for his advice. He is lecturer in audiovisual communication at Wolverhampton University so I knew any advice from him would be sound.

All Tommy wanted was advice about the true cost and feasibility of getting a site off the ground. It was a Saturday morning so Jan (my wife) and I went out shopping and I thought no more about it. Later on our return I checked my emails, and there was one from my son telling me to click on a link he had put there. Boy was I surprised, there it was, cuckooites,org. ready to be used. Of course I emailed the link to Tommy and he was over the moon as was I.

The word soon spread about the site, and yes there was a lot of learning to do. It was frustrating at times but in the very early days my son did give some advice. Then one day he said, "right now you lot are on your own." He knew if we kept turning to him every time we got in trouble we, or should I say Tommy, would never learn.

So that is how Cuckooites got started, when Tom hit a problem we along with other founder members put our heads together and got through it somehow. I will not try to name the people that helped Tommy then, and the new folk that have come along and helped since, because I am sure to leave someone out. From the beginning as you know Tommy has been the Editor, and indeed is the owner of this site and by and large it runs pretty well. It does need some tweaking, I, E, for me there was too many headings this month and it was a pain to keep trawling through that amount of stuff. But that is neither here or there, those things get sorted in time. But there is one thing we all need to address.

Sorry Tom but this site is your legacy to a lot of people. Heaven forbid but if anything were to happen to you this site would fold unless consideration is given to it. I am not promoting this thought but something like Tom appointing two or three moderators that could help to keep everything running smooth. They could talk amongst themselves privately off of this site, and then when they are ready publish it for general commenting.

Finally most of us are getting on a bit, and if we are not careful as we all gradually drift away up yonder, there might only be Johnb left talking to Tags. Whatever the age of people living on the Cuckoo now they are Cuckooites. If we could attract some of them, a new generation would learn about our time on the estate, and us about their time. But that is easier said than done. Finally please feel free to make suggestions, because at the end of the day Cuckooites is each and ever one of us, and Tommy can't guide us down a road unless we let it be known what road we want him to take.

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Tommy your editor said...

Jim I thank for your kind words.And yes I am open to all sugestions and would love to have younger folks step forward and work with me to have a smooth transition if and when the time comes to hang up my sign.
Please if you are interested in working with me please contact me and I would enjoy sharing with you what I have started with the help of so many fine Cuckooites.