Sunday, 26 April 2009

Just to let you know

Hi Cuckooites,just to let you all know I will be off duty from April 29th until May 6th.The website will look a little sparse as I will be able only to do very limited things,but rest assured when I get back I will quickly bring it up to speed.Sue and I are going to Salt Lake City Utah for the week to visit our son and his family,living so far away it is hard to see them very often.We plan to drive and will travel around 1800 miles both ways but it is a lovely trip as we go thru three states to get there.Keep posting your comments and help us attract and find all those lost Cuckooites all over the world.

Stay safe Tommy.


Del. said...

Tommy and Sue, I think you both deserve some R and R, so have a good trip. Cheers, Del

georgek said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy your family

Grace said...

Pity i live so far away Sue & Tommy its sounds just up my street ,what a wonderfull trip.
Take Care.

yvonneh said...

Hi Tom Sue, Have a great time with your family.
Sounds a lovely trip, will miss you on site keeping us all under control, have you appointed a deputy, please let it be Jim, so I can have my little contretemps, (ooh how about that big word then)
with him. Safe journey.

JohnB said...

Hope you both have a good trip, take some scenic photos for us all to see.