Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Photo's and your story's

Hi Cuckooites,
this is a reminder we need your memories and photo's to keep this website going and bring folks back every week .You all have a story to share with others and we need those stories.I have put up on the website instructions on how you can post a comment and I know with over 150 Cuckooites visiting the site each day we should be getting a greater response,as I have stated to you all time and again you get out of this site what you put in.If you visit us often and the site has not changed it is because we have run out of things and photo's to post.
It is so easy to be a part of what has been started,get your feet wet throw away your inhabitations and get involved,you will have so much fun,Just ask Grace Redding who found us last year and has been a great ambassador spreading the word of our website to old friends and family.We are only as interesting as you can make us.

Come on get involved

Tommy your editor.


Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

Well here is a story and I am sorry I do not have any photographs as proof of the incident.

I was riding home on the 55 bus when the most unthinkable happened. When the bus stopped at the top of Kennedy Rd. and as I stood up from my seat, the elastic in the waist of my knickers gave way. As I felt them creeping down my legs, and not knowing what else to do,I locked my knees together tightly catching them securely between them. I proceeded to walk down Kennedy Rd, knock kneed with small mincing steps knowing that although it wasn't my usual 'Teddy Girl' walk, my embarrasement was safely hidden under my green swagger coat. When I received the strange looks from passers-by I added a limp to my walk thinking that they would assume I was crippled.
When I reached the safety of 8 Kennedy Path, my sister Ellen came to the door and looked at me with distain saying "What in the hell is that hanging beneath your coat?"
Which all goes to prove, I could have walked more comfortably and more like my self if I had graciously let them slide to the ground, stepped out of them and with a smile stuffed them in my coat pocket.
Wisdom comes with age, I guess.

Tommy said...

That is a good story Eff.Anyone else have one to share with the group,see how easy it is to laugh at oneself.

John Eggins said...

John ( Eggo ) Eggins,

My story, no pics of this event either.

1942 ish,collecting conkers.
I must of been fed up not being able to knock some conkers down, so I decided to climb one of them down near the Ruislip road.So here I am shinning up this tree going up and up.Branch is now going outwards and I am astride this branch.In front of me I could see the biggest conker I have ever seen.
Then I woke up,in hospital!!!
They told me afterwards the branch behind me snapped. A man called Mr Streams who lived in Browning Ave had tried to lift me up but I was a dead weight and another person called Charlie Palmer who lived in Upfield Road took over from Mr Streams and carried me home to 71, Upfield Road.Mr Streams I seem to remember had a daughter called Jean.Charlie was quite a good javelin thrower.He was also part of the Olympic commitee.
Anyway I ended up with two front teeth missing, fractured wrist, multipal bruising and damage to other bone structures.They said I was lucky to be alive and it was only the lower branches that saved me.

And do you know what! I never did get that conker and I do not know who did.Someone out there had it.

John ( Eggo ) Eggins.

Del said...

I invited a girl named Teresa ?, from Bordars Road, on a first date to see Danny Kaye, live at the London Paladium. We seemed to get along well enough but, although I enjoyed her company, I also fretted that I was missing an evenings trumpet practice. When we got back to her house she asked if she would see me the following day but I made some excuse and didn't see her again. A few months later I was called up and, whilst stationed at Stansted, put in many hours of practice, finally being able to play a passable version of 'You Made Me Love You,' the Harry James hit.
On my first 14 days leave I decided that a girlfriend would be nice and, one evening went into the 'phone box on the corner of Greatdown, rang Teresa and began to serenade her with the tune. After a few bars the door was swung open and a guy, whose house was next to the phone box, threatened to shove the trumpet, you know where, if I didn't stop. I put the trumpet down to explain to the girl what had happened only to hear the dialling tone, she had hung up! Del.

tags said...

I suppose this story should really go on the food or meals on wheels page, but it just happened the other day just in time for Easter.
you see, I had hard boiled about four eggs one morning.
Having eaten two of 'em I put the other two in the fridge.
the next day I asked my wife if she wanted a boiled egg on her crumpet.
Wait a minute it's not what you are thinking.
Any way she said yes but would I please warm it up for a few seconds in the microwave for her.
I obliged and warmed it for about 12 seconds with it still in it's shell.
My wife was sitting at the kitchen table buttering her crumpet and one for me and chatting away to her friend on her cell phone, taking pride in the fact that she was multi-tasking.
I put the warmed (actually hot) boiled egg in a small dish on the table, turned away not thinking any more about it, as my wife was about to crack open the shell with a spoon.
A few seconds later there was extremely loud bang, like a gun shot,and the kitchen was splattered in hard boiled egg, I thought her bloody cell phone had exploded. Fortunately no one was injured, but I had to clean up kitchen because it was my fault as usual for warming the egg too long. So much for trying to be nice.

grace said...

Many moon,s ago i had a date with a boy to see a film at Park Royal cinema ,i was all made up to the nine,s as usual high heel shoes sling backs and open toes ,was not worried that it was freezing out side even had on a pair of nylons [mad fool] by the time we had waited in the queue to get in i was frozen my feet were like blocks of ice once we were inside my shoes came off and i sat on my feet for the whole show to keep them warm didnt go down very well for my date.It was,nt a good position for snogging, o happy days.

yvonneh said...

Love the stories. My grandaughter rang this morning as she has gone to great yarmouth for a caravan holiday with anneka our great grandaughter who came on the phone to chat, it was a long conversation as she was having her breakfast and insisted that she wasnt allowed to talk with her mouth full, she is 4, i asked her what she was having for breakfast and she said egg, fish, sausage and beans, I said fish with egg, she said yes. I then spoke to her mum again and said is anneka having fish, she said no, I said that she had told me she was having fish, michelle asked her where the fish was and she pointed to a hash brown, as it was in breadcrumbs she thought it was fish. I have come to the conclusion that My great grandaughter has no taste at all, either that or the hash brown didnt. Just thought it was amusing,

Del. said...

Grace, snogging at Park Royal? Well, I suppose it was better than East Acton. Do you remember a couple of sisters that lived up near you, in Greatdown, but on the other side of the road? Del.

tags said...

There was nuffin like a good snog in the back row of the Lido.

Eff said...

I don't know about snogging in the Lido, seem's like you would have been too busy scratching!
Now at the Granada Greenford.... that's another story....When I was an usherette there I used to spot quite a few of you in passionate embrace, and all I was doing was using my torch to look for vacant seats. I'll never tell!!!!

jim davis said...

Johnb I disagree, better still was a BJ in the front row at the Curzon

tags said...

Or a BU in the BS of a MG

Del said...

Tags, what kind of an MG did you have that had a BS? In the 50s my ambition was to own a Sunbeam Alpine, mark 1. By the time I could afford one I had a wife and two small sons, end of dream. Del.

Grace said...

Del The sister,s that lived near us were Eileen Doris and Peggy Harrington had ginger hair lived no 72 the only other one,s lived over Border,s road in the higher numbers there were the Hodgekinson sisters [not sure of spelling] one was Margaret she was friendly with my sister Margaret but can,t recall any others we only lived 4 houses from Borders Road will ask around maybe the other,s will know.

tags said...

A Sunbeam Alpine was a nice car Del. Actually I never owned an MG really although they did make a few sport saloon cars too.
The cars I owned in my teens were usually old 1930's or 1940's bangers which I got cheap and drove them 'til they broke down.
Some of which were:
A red Austin Ruby 7,(wheels fell off) a Riley 1.5 like the one parked outside the Choc Box, (wrapped around lampost) a Rover 14 sports saloon, (Blew the big ends)
a couple of old Fords, a Morris Minor Woody, a Nash Rambler,(rolled down a hill)
a Humber Hawk, a Citroen Big Six a Triumph Spitfire and others.

Del said...

Grace, there was a girl named Thelma, who lived on that other psrt of Greatdown. She married John Andrews, my next door neighbour, and they moved to the West Country. Del.

Eddie said...

Here's my laugh at yourself story.

Many years ago I worked at Northfields tube station and I was doing my regular platform duty. A train arrived and as always I stood at the front of the train by the first set of double doors and would always hold open the first door so people could get on or off.

This day, I was doing this and as the doors were opening someone behind me asked a question and as I was giving them the answer I was groping for the door with my left hand. It was a few seconds later that I realised that it was not the door I was groping, it was a woman's right breast!!!!!

Talk about feel a right tit!!!!!!

I thought I'd get that in before someone else. Luckily she understood and we were both a little red faced I'm sure.