Friday, 3 April 2009

Then and Now By Val Bailey.


Val Bailey said...

Thought you might be interested in this.
Went out for a meal last week with friends from Hanwell days and took lots of photos.
The first one in black and white was taken in Ealing Broadway after a day out shopping when we were about 17.
Note that we had all taken our shoes off!
The second was taken last week (50 years later) and we are in the same order from the left,
Margaret Ansell 45, Westcott Cres, Pat Gadston, 105, Mayfield Gns, Val Bailey, 4, Hillyard Rd.
Pat married Micky Frolich from Laurie Rd.

Still all good friends.


Tommy said...

Great photo's Val.That is what friendship is all about.

jim davis said...

You could see young women in those days looked like women, unlike a lot of girls today.Three good looking birds, and if you don't mind me saying so you are all Ok now, and it is great you are still friends after all those years.

Val B said...

Gee Whiz Jim, THANKS! Some kind remarks!

jim davis said...

Yes Val B but carefully rationed.

emma rich said...

Hi Val,
Hope you can help me, I've been searching for my family who lived in 45 Westcotte Crescent for a long time now. I've been looking for Sheila Ann Ansell and was overwhelmed when I saw that you were in touch with Margaret Ansell, which I believe to be her sister. Do you have any information about Sheila or her family that would help me with my search? i would be very grateful if you were able to tell me if she was still alive? Any info you have would be greatly received - many thanks Emma Richards