Wednesday, 15 April 2009

War time Identity cards..

Hi Tommy,

Great site.

We have had the Ration book.

How about this, Identity Card.Everyone had one in the war, cannot see the problem with having them today.The only thing I am against is having to pay for them.If the goverment wants us to have them then I think they should foot the bill.

I am sure many people on site will have various views.

John ( eggo ) Eggins.Hi Tommy,


Del said...

They still have them in Italy. I had to carry a 'Soggiorno,' with my photo and details on it. All this rubbish about being a member of the EU was shown up when I found that I was only entitled to live in Italy for three months at a time. After that, I had to drive three quarters of the length of Italy, cross the border into Switzerland, do a U turn and drive straight back to apply for another three months stay. Illegal immigrants were never bothered. Del

georgek said...

Yea that is Italy Del

jim davis said...

I still have my card but, when you think as an identity card it was worse than useless. It could have been copied in no time at all It was probably given out to make us feel safer.

John Eggo Eggins said...

You are probably right Jim.
Even today fraudsters and counterfeiters would copy the new proposed Identity cards with no problem. They have got very sophisticated.If it does come the goverment will make billions

John (eggo) eggins.

yvonneh said...

I still have my christening card from St Christophers, I will try and photograph it and see if Tom can put it on site I also have ration books and identity cards

georgek said...

John,NO,the goverment will make billions on OUR behalf,and then spend it on the NHS and such,honestly they dont pocket it for themselves.Our Daughter who is in charge of the orthapedic ward at Addenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge is always saying how much new money is being put into the NHS,and quite honestly I would happily pay for an Identity card,and remember,our NHS IS FREE,not like our poor Cuckooites in the states who have to have Insurance to pay for any treatment.Im sure Yvonne will say how wonderfull and special our NHS is.At least this Goverment is trying to save Our HEALTH SERVICE by pumping billions into it.

yvonneh said...

Well said George. OUR NHS is the finest in the world. Only one problem is there are to many admin chiefs and not enough nurses.Ken has had first class treatment, and has nurses in twice a day to dress his legs, also two carers to wash and dress him and to shower him three times a week. We have this service 7 days a week. The problem is that people are quick to complain but a letter saying thankyou now and again means a lot to people who care. Margaret Thatcher luckily didnt have time to destroy it completely, although she managed to privatise large portions of it. this goverment have had an uphill struggle to find the money to claw back our services from the greedy money grabbers, and return them to the people who cannot afford to pay and who the insurance companies find a bad risk such as ken. and a fair proportion of the elderly. They still have a long way to go but we are getting there, if the tories get in again cameron will finish off the job that thatcher was doing. Destroying those that are at the bottom and looking after the fat cats at the top that are bleeding this country dry. Us Cuckooites and certainly our parents have lived through that. I remember at election time when nearly every window on the cuckoo estate had a red poster in, and the other side of greenford Ave had the blue ones, that was the one thing that has always kept my roots firmly in the ground. I would support anything that put billions into the government to be used on nursery places for young children, domicillary care to keep people in there own homes the NHS, and education.