Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Derek Applins trip to Downunder

Hi Tommy,many thanks for letting Jackie squeeze me in to the reunion.As she probably told you we have been out in Australia visiting our son and family for two months.We got back on Friday 17th.My son lives in Ryde witch is a subburb of Sydney.The first week we were there we traveled right down the coast road to Melbourne.I've attach some of me at Melbourne Cricket Ground.(fantastic place.) On the way back we we stopped at Canberra and called into see John Jenkins sister Joan,they where nieghbours of Del Southern.I haven't seen Joan for 57yrs.The photo attached is of Joan,my wife Jean,myself and Barry Joan's husband.After arriving back in Sydney we stayed at my son's home for a week .Then we traveled up to the Gold Coast to my brother-in-law and his wife.Quite some drive!! Doing all we did our two months flew by,it really was great.
On Sunday last I decided to have a drive around the Cuckoo estate and I passed your old house in Cuckoo Ave,also Maurice Fields,the Haynes brothers Reg ,Les and Stan.and then there was Charles Bigerstaff.This brought back many memorys back to me,mainly of playing football with them,when I was a lad.I looked into the old Cuckoo Schools entrance and saw they have errected scaffolding every where,they seem to be refurbishing it.
Thats my news for now Tommy,will look forward to seeing you at the reunion.
All the best to you and your wife.Derek Applin.


Ron Ratchford said...

Hi Derek,
I wish that I had known you were visiting my home city of Canberra. My brother John and wife Ida also lives around the corner, we would have loved to have caught up...maybe next time. Although I will be at the reunion o'course.

Del said...

Derek, great to see a picture of Joan after all these years. She was gorgeous and, I think, probably one of the first girls on the Cuckoo to wear an ankle chain, didn't that the provide the neighbours with something to speculate about! We look forward to seeing you in September. Del.

Beryl Nairn said...

Hi Derek
I did'nt know when I saw your Aussie pictures at Hanwell Town's hog roast last Saturday that you were a Cukooite.I lived in Homefarm Rd from 1937-1947 then moved to Gurnell Grove.I went to Hobbayne School as it was nearer then Cuckoo School but both my sisters went to Cuckoo Schools.I will see you at the reunion in September (my first one)with my daughter as Roy will be back at football by then.
Beryl Nairn.