Thursday, 7 May 2009

Visitors Page please sign in

Carried over from April.

Hi Everyone,
New feature we are trying.Every week we average around 1500 visitors to our website.It would be nice to know who is visiting.We are asking that you sign yourself into this page and leave a short comment about any thing at all.I will do a sample sign in to get us started.Please give it a try.


Tommy Higginbottom said...

Tommy Higginbottom,Seattle ,Wash,
U. S. A .Just love this site.

Derek Durbin said...

Derek Durbin,Perth ,Australia.I really enjoy reading the comments and seeing the old photo's from the past.

georgek said...

George Key,Haverhill Suffolk England.Cant wait to see you all at the reunion.

grace said...

Grace Redding [bolton] love the site looking forward to meeting old friends in sept living in Buckinghamshire

Anonymous said...

Eileen Venney (Connors) Chandlers Ford Eastleigh, Hampshire.
We'll meet again,dont know where,dont know when.!!

But we do know when.
26th September 2009,
Perivale Community Centre
See You There...

Maureen S said...

Maureen Sullivan.
Basingstoke,New to the site I am facinated with the old memories,I keep coming back.

Del said...

Derek Durbin, good to hear from you. One of my old army mates lives in Perth, he enjoys telling me about the Libyan type weather you get there, talk about a wind up. Del.

Pam Lait said...

Pamela Lait Ipswich Suffolk,
Ex; Borders Road Cuckoo Estate.
Yes I am a regular watcher of the
site. Looking forward to the reunion and maybe finding
someone that I know ???

bob stevens said...

Bob Stevens, looks in every day and enjoys the reading and finding long lost people.

Anonymous said...

hi i visit the web site nearly every day i realy enjoy reading about what people are doing now most of dont live in hanwell when i talk to my children about my child hood they cant imangin living in a place like hanwell. there will never be place like the cuckoo esate. it is a great idea to do the web site.

Sue Boyce[Shelvey] Cuckoo Ave

edna.B said...

Edna Robinson(Bailey), Essex
Love visiting the site, stirs old memories. Cant wait to see every body in September.

Anonymous said...

Angela & Jim Wakenell,just making another social visit to the site.
We settled in this area since 1963.
Nobody in London(including us)had heard of St Neots then. It used to be Huntingdonshire but is now Cambridgeshire. We now live in Little Paxton. Are you none the wiser!

yvonneh said...

great site, computer been out of action, didnt know what to do with myself, back now and all is well again. Mind you it will take me days to catch up with everybody.
yvonne Phipp nee Holt Crawley Sussex

John Corsham said...

Great site Tommy every time I log in I see so many new names ,I must have known many of them but putting names to faces after so long is a bit tricky . Best wishes to all.

John Corsham

yvonneh said...

ah! well John, its because some of us have grown, on account of nobody raiding their larder and eating their tea. Plus all the cakes my mum made. Thats why you cant recognise us,

Lynn Smith said...

Lynn Smith and Flo Boyce. We visit the site a couple of times a week just to see what everyone is up to. Now living in Colchester Essex. Looking forward to the reunion.

george&Joan said...

Hi Lynn/Flo,hope to see you at the reunion

Anonymous said...

Know that JD mentioned the site where you can see the London streets as they are now. Jim & I went onto the site yesterday.The road he lived in in Paddington had long gone. I lived in Tunis road,Shepherds Bush & although most of it was pretty well spruced up,brought back many memories.Jim went onto Westcot,they had lived at no.36. Of course it was again very different but the old oak tree that had been in the Kings back garden & we could see that!
We then went on to Brants Walk. I know several of you lived there as well.They have got posh front doors on the flats now.Lastly we went on to Ruislip Road East.Certainly recognised the houses,but the numbers that came up didn't tally.Really enjoyed looking back. Think it's a great idea for those of us that are away from home.Yes, we still call it home Tommy.
Regards to all Jim & Angela Wakenell

Anonymous said...

lived on the estaste for 44yrs how do i join.

jim davis said...

Anonymouse just by coming to the site as far as we are concerned you are a member, and you can make comments etc. But if You want a Post or/ and Photos put on the site you will do that by sendig the post to the Editor who is Tommy Higginbottom. If you scroll down the right hand side of this page you will see where it says contact the editor, click on that. You have found and used the comments page, but it would be nice if you would sign you name (it is safe to do so) that way we will know who we are talking to. The way you leave your name is. After you have made the comment just below that you can see writing and buttons. The only one you want is where it says NAME/URL click on the little button on the left so it is highlighted . Then in the box enter your name, then press the orange box. That is all you do, but if you want before pressing the orange if you click on the blue button you can see a preview and edit you comments first. Then if you are happy publish them.

Anonymous said...

though lived on the estate for 44yrs my mum moved here in 1937 and i live in the sam house she did

Editor. said...

Hi Anonymous,you seem like you have a lot to share tell us who you are,it is hard to communicate with someone who we do not know their name.We welcome you to our group share with us more of your family and where you live on the estate .


jim davis said...

It was a good idea of yours to carry some posts and comments on into the next month Tom. It makes some things flow better. I know ideas of any kind from our members will be welcomed by you/us. Everyone of them will be considered, though for technical reasons it might not be possible to do some things. But the input of all Cuckooites will be appreciated, and acknowledged.

jim davis said...

I forgot to say, when you do carry over Tom could you insert the month in large text. S0 that at a glance when folk scan down they will be able quickly see what month they are in.

Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

This is visitor Eff signing in. Great to be back in Alaska even though the snow is still piled high along the sides of the streets. Sun shined today though.

Eff said...

Strange that the time must be GMT as I wrote that last comment April 1st and it is 8.49 P.M. Alaska time.

Tommy said...

Yes Eff we are on U.K. time, you are nine hours behind them in Alaska I think.Glad to have you back .

tags said...

Hi Guys,
Just thought I punch the clock.
It's about 9.50am in Chi town and we are 6hrs behind London.

tags said...

Something is wierd, 'cos at 10am Chicago time it should be 1600 hours (4pm) in London??

JohnB said...

I think for security reasons in the USA our computer clocks are kept an hour off the actual time.

Anonymous said...

i live in whitton now moved from the cuckoo in 1982 loved the estate my brother still lives there

Anonymous said...

Margaret McTernan [Bolton]Florida USA.Great site Tommy,looking forward to reunion will be there with my husband and my two sisters Grace@ Beryl[Bolton].

Grace said...

Welcome aboard Margaret it,s about time you see it did,nt hurt there maybe people who remember you in your younger days i have found only four but that does,nt matter you can still send your comment looking forward to seeing you in Setember.

Angela Ware Kelling said...

It was about 1950 in the junior girls school & we had a teacher in training.She was from a seaside town in Devonshire that we"probably had never heard of". It turned out that several of us in the class had been evacuated to her town of Lynton & knew many of the same people.She just about fell over!

JohnB said...

You must have been about 6 or 7 then Angela?
Nice to see you on the site.

Tommy said...

Hi Angella ,from one Washington resident to another great to have you as part of our group.You being my neighbour from Spokane you are the closest Cuckooite to me even though you are over 200 miles away.I am so looking forward to meeting your sister Sally at the reunion and she is bringing her son,we love to have the second generation of Cuckooites attend it is really having a trickle down effect.Keep visiting and one day if you ever get to Seattle we must get together for lunch or dinner and really have a good old chat.

Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

Hello Angela, I take it from Tommy's comment that you live in Spokane Wa. My husband was born and raised a couple of hours drive from you in Brewster Washington. We visit there at least a couple of times a year, as his mother who is 91 still lives there in her own home.
Welcome to the site.

Angela Ware Kelling said...

Hi Ethel,Tommy & John B,
It really is a small world.I have been through Brewster on the way to Wenatchee.I used to have a friend on the estate called Sally Stevens.I also remember the Bataglia family.John,Tony & Maria.One of the married sisters used to let me walk her baby. I would stroll up & down Cuckoo with my the posh pram & my nose in the air. If anyone is in this area it would great to meet

JohnB said...

Hi Angela,
I remember that we all used to read books in your garden shed when we were little.
take care

tags said...

Angela...My guess is that the married sister who let you push the pram was either:
Carmela, Antoinetta, Maria, Philomena or Amelia.
There were kids, prams and brother-in-laws galore in my house back then.

tags said...

Not Carmela, she would have been a bit too young.

Grace said...

Nice one Jim Davis made me chuckle i sometime,s think your brain is always in first gear ,cant wait for Tommy,s reply keep up the banter [lovely].

jim davis said...

Whoops Grace don't get so excited you have put your comment on the wrong page again. SILLY BILLY.

Phil Sim said...

Just one thing thats spring to mind at the bottom of Beresford
over the fields was a club called The Elthorne Cricket Club
we used to go over on a Sat night, we made our own entertainment
it was great,but i wonder if anyone has told you about a superstar
we had called Terry Finucane.He used to get on stage and mime
to Jonny Ray singing "CRY" i tell you he was quite a star

will write again

Phil Sim

tags said...

Phil, Terry is still a star act and sings at our reunions.

Phil Sim said...

Hi Tommy
thanks for putting my coment on the visitors web page
am i classed as a cuckooite,because as Daph Lait says,iwas onthe other side
of the Greenford Ave,(the posh houses)i dont think.
is it poss to find out if Ken Buckland is on the net,i was Kens workmate on bt(G.P.O)
in those days,i'm now living in Reading,but would love to chat.Also does J im Davis
know of a Ken Bunting,Aiec Steadman,if he does he will know me.Also Pat Sibley
Pat will remember me i noticed her picture at your reunion,i'd love to talk.
If these guys are on the net,perhaps you could pass my email address on,thanks

as regarding you Tommy i'm not sure we met although you are only 2yrs older
perhaps we have it would be good to find out



tags said...

Phil, as far as we are concerned...
If you act like a Cuckooite, walk and talk like a Cuckooite, or even dance and sing like a Cuckooite, must be a Cuckooite, even if you did come from a nest on the other side of Greenford Avenue.

phil said...

Cheers tags i always classed myself as a cuckooite i was over that side most of the time in pete's cafe a lot.Years earlier i was won of the cubs(till i got kicked out)then done my stint with the church lads brigade(till got kicked out)not a very good track record.Then it was off to the schools with Ken Bunting for some fun and games.I dont know if any one remembers,we had a football team from the cuckoo schools,and we called ourselves TOWER because of the schools tower.We were bloody good mind you all the players had represented Ealing schools at some time,we were in the dauntless league div 7 won everything and after 2 yrs they put us in div 1 won everthing thing then.Happy Days

Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

For Angela Ware:
You must ask Tommy for my email address so that we can keep in touch. I don't know that we will be in Washington again this year, as we are planning on attending the reunion in England instead, however we should be there twice next year, in January and also late March. It would be great if we could meet up. I think there is also a lady from the estate that lives in Vancouver Canada which is just above Washington State for those of you that do not know. It would be lovely if we could get a small reunion going for those of us from the West.


Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

For Angela Ware:
As we cant respond by email, I will try through this site.

Do you (or did you) go to the British Wives Club on Fairchild AFB? I went to a couple of meetings when I was living in Brewster waiting to join my hubby in the Philipines. I imagine that the club is still going on, hope so. They were a great and lively bunch of girls.


eden said...

hi all, seeing all the old pictures and comments i was interested to find out if any one new my dad and his family. My dad was Edward (Ted) Eden and the eden family lived at 12 Westcott Crescent and he was born there in 1946 i think. he moved away when he got married and we moved back to No7 in the 80's. any info and pics would be appreciated,

Jill Boon. said...

Hello my name Is Jill Boon and I live in Greenford,I found your website by accident and was really surprised with what you have set out to achieve.I know of the Cuckoo Estate ,everyone has heard of it and I have before getting married courted some of the boy's who lived there.I am in my early sixties now but reading some of the stories posted it has taken me back to a time I had almost forgot,like the Granada cinima on Sunday afternoons,we only went there looking to meet boy's also the Catholic hall across from the Red Lion pub where we went on Saturday nights for dances ,started going there when i was fourteen my mom would have killed me if she had known,luckily no harm came of it.I still live in the same house on Greenford Road just on the way to Northolt.Greenford has changed so much,what used to be a friendly shoping center now looks like Southal so many shops owened by imigrants to the country I feel out of place.Anyway great to have found you and I will stop rambling on.

Tracey Thomas Greatdown Road said...

My Name is Tracey Thomas Nee Hammond, although i'v lived in Swindon
all of my life but both my parents came from Hanwell, My mother Rita
Hammond nee Lambert lived in Greatdown Rd & my father Ron Hammond
lived in Home Farm Rd. My mother lived with both her Mother (Joan
Blandon nee Lambert) & Grand parents at 64 Greatdown Rd i believe,
until she married. Sadly both my Great Grandparents died in the late
70's, my father in 1979 & my Grandmother in 2000. I would be grateful
if you would ask any of the Cuckooites if they can remember any of the
above, myself included as my Sisters( Laraine & Wendy) & I had some
great holidays with our Great Grandparents in Greatdown Rd.
My mother doesn't have a computer(If it's not gas she can't work it)
her words not mine, but i am will to act as go between.

Yours Sincerly

Tracey Thomas

jim davis said...

Welcome Jill, I am sure many of us off the Cuckoo Estate spent much of our time in Greenford. At places like the Playhouse, Granada, Cosy Cafe and spending all night at the Snooker Hall above Burtons, after missing the last bus home because of having a snog, with our girl friends, and hoping to get more than what we did. I have always felt Greenford, Hanwell and Ealing folk were as large a part of my life as those off the Cuckoo. So yes you are welcome.

jim davis said...

Likewise welcome to you Tracey I hope you find people on this site that know your family, and they can give you some information about then etc.

Val B said...

Hello Tracey, I am sure I know the name Rita Lambert. I think your mum may have been in my class in the juniors, if she is about 67 or 68? My name then was Val Bailey. Would be interesting to know if she remembers my name.

Grace said...

HI Tracey i new your grand parents as i lived at 76 greatdown they lived in the same gateway as the Redgrave,s the other neighbour was Hemmings,i used to play with Marie Redgrave and Olive Hemmings we moved to Upfield in 1948 so lost touch with some neighbour,s but welcome to the site maybe your Mum would know our surname BOLTON.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Brants Walk, moved to Cambridgeshire when I was 17 years old. Since then I've lived in Norfolk, Suffolk, Texas and Arizona. Have lived in a village near Ipswich, Suffolk for the past 25 years. Dot Tessier