Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Latest Reunion update.

Hi everyone,this is a update for all you folks attending our 4th Reunion on September 26th at the Perivale community club at the bottom of Horsendon Hill,no going of for a little snog like when we did our courting up there years ago.As we have mentioned the Reunion is a complete sell out and we have a wonderful night planed for you all.
Our theme again will be Red white and Blue and the tables will be decorated in a blaze of color.Our music man for the night is Christopher Columbus and I am told by Jackie our U.K. co ordinater that he is very good and can play our music that we all like to get up and dance to.
Our Banquet supper will be furnished by A.B.C. caterers and they have done us proud the last two Reunions you won't leave hungry they put on a wonderful spread the 8 pounds admission does not cover one persons food that is what a great deal we have for you this year.
How did we manage this ,we did it by your support buying our books,lapel pins and supporting the raffle on the big night.Please remember to bring a GIFT on the night if you are attending, this is important to the success of this event and bring plenty of pound pieces to purchase tickets.
Any one who wants to help us decorate the hall and is in the area we will start around 3 p.m and it usually takes about an hour if you have any Union Jacks, pennants or hanging banners to help dress up the hall please fill free to bring them all the more the merrier.
Remember this year is bring your own booze if you are folks who enjoy a drink we will have glasses and ice on hand plus a limited choice of soft drinks,like coke,orange and lemonade plus tea and coffee all night long.
Remember please do not bring guests who are not registered we will have a door check and each person will have a name badge made out in your name,if you are not on the registry list you will not get in so please do not embarrass yourself or us on the night.Also we do not have anyone right now on our waiting list so if you cancel at this latest date we can only refund your money if we can sell it to someone else.
Also on Friday 25th.  a group of us get together for a drink and  a meal at the Crown pub in Northolt village ,we will meet around 6 p.m. every one is welcome if you are close by.
We thank you all for attending this great night you will have a great time,I am also looking for a couple of folks who can help me take photo's on the night as we are planning on making a D V D for this Reunion so folks can buy and keep as a memory of this lovely evening we will once again all come together and remember our times we shared as Cuckooites.
More to come later on times and the nights agenda.
PS. Jackie has recieved our new book All OUR YESTERDAYS FROM THE PRINTER.Those of you who have not ordered your copy I would advise you to do so quickly.Those of you who have ordered and not yet paid now is the time to send in your money to Jackie.Only paid for orders will be sent.
Stay in touch Tommy and Jackie.
                            Jackie Stringer

37                              37   Weall Court

Sc                             School Lane,Pinner Midx,HA5 5PG                            

 n                              0208 868 3133



Friday, 24 July 2009

Another lovely English garden

Liz Sarruco still lives on the Cuckoo estate on Homefarm road.Thank you for sharing with us.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Where did you move to after leaving the Cuckoo estate

Some time ago I thought that it would be interesting to find out where each of us set up home for the first time, away from the Cuckoo. Jims inquisitiveness, what a lovely word, better than nosiness (only kidding, Jim) about why Tommy settled in Seattle, and then Effo's follow up about Alaska, has opened up the opportunity for the rest of us to chip in. The site is looking very healthy this month, but it's a pity that comments tend to be brief and I think that we need some topics that will get the gang to be more expansive.
I have a few more ideas that may get people involved but will save them for next month as we seem to be on a roll and it's better if they are spread out rather than crowding the site when it is running okay. Cheers for now, Del.Southon

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Nature in it's truest form

These photo's where taken by a hunter in Montana with his cell phone .Simply amazing to have got these shots.

All our Yesterdays Our new book.

Hi Cuckooites all around the world,

Our second Cuckooites book 'All our Yesterdays' is now being printed and Jackie Stringer should have it ready to send out in the next couple of weeks. John Holdsock our editor for this book has done a brilliant job these past months bringing this idea together - it is chock full of photos, stories and other memorabalia from our past and present lives. Everyone who is anyone will want to own a copy of this book. Those of you who have ordered your copy and have not sent in your money, we urge you to do so right away as all books will be shipped on a first come-first paid priority. These books will make great gifts for friends and family - the price is eight pounds fifty and this includes shipping in the UK. For shipping costs to other parts of the world, please check with Jackie.
We also have a good supply of our lapel badges available for four pounds each and this includes shipping. Anyone attending the reunion will want to show their pride in being a Cuckooite by wearing this pin. We are very proud of it and have sold a great many, so don't delay, get yours now! To order, contact Jackie at or telephone 0208 8683 133.
If you have not visited our website in a while this is a good month to do so. It is full of interesting features and comments. Simply go online to and join us for lively chats. We average around 1,200 visitors each week from all over the world.
All the best,

More great photo's to share .

John holdsock sent in this photo of his grandaughter Maya,it was taken at Savil gardens Windsor and is part of the Royal estate.Beryl Nairn sent us the photo of Cuckoo ave nue with the path going up the middle.This photo was first published in the Ealing Gazette.

Friday, 10 July 2009

English gardens

The first two photo's are Jim and Jan Davis garden,very nice
great looking flowers in bloom.Second two are from George and Joan Key,George said these where taken this January after a late snow fall.

Tommy @ Sue's garden Seattle Washington

Sue and I live in a three story townhouse and we have a small back garden space.As we do not like to weed we do most of our gardening in flower containers
allows us to spend very little time taking care of it and allows us to enjoy it all the more.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Share your photo's with us.

First photo was sent in By Val Bailey with her late husband on a Vacation to Seattle ,U S A .They where doing a harbour cruise and she said in rained the whole time they where there.
Second photo sent in by John B of a tall ship on Lake Michigan Chicago.

Your Garden

Hi Cuckooites around the world,
send us photos of your garden to share with everyone,you can send them By J Peg to me at
Now is the time to show of your talents ,lets see who has a green thumb.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Great song from the 50's

How many of you remember this great song,Kay Star Wheel of Fortune.Turn up the sound and settle back.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Angella sent these photo's in as well

Great Angella thanks for sharing.

Angela (Ware)Lived on Cuckoo Avenue sent in these Amazing photo's

Angela,lives in Spokane Washington,the closest Cuckooite to me only 250 miles away.The photo of her cat she mentions lived his eighteen years on the estate,The one photo in their back garden is of her and John on the Cuckoo estate.The lady with the baby is her sister Sally (Ware)the other photos of the Greenford road and the river Brent are amazing.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Cruise ships in Seattle

Hi everyone Tommy and I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with a picnic dinner watching the Cruise ships leaving for Alaska from Magnolia Park in Seattle.The mountain you see in the background is Mnt Ranier one of many active volcanoes we have in Washington.Please share photos with us from where you live in this wonderful world we live in. Sue Higginbottom.

Playing billiards and snooker in Greenford

How many of you guy's out there remember hanging out at Burtons Snooker Hall or maybe you got your wedding suit there.

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