Saturday, 1 August 2009

Derek Applin and George Sivers


Derek Applin said...

Hi Tommy,
We have just a lovely reunion with George Sivers and his wife Maureen.We hadn't seen each other for 40years.
We got back in touch with them through the Cuckooites Blog.We had a good old time reminiscing about old times.
George was at school with me,he lived in Homefarm Rd.
I've attached two photo's, the first of George and I taken today.(George is on the right.) The second is a group of Lad's we used to hang around with at the Tower Youth Club. George is the last one on the right, I wonder if anyone can name the other's?
Regards Derek Applin.

Editor. said...

Derek it is nice to know we help folks find old friends.We are having great success in what we have set out to achieve with this website.

JohnB said...

Great photo's Derek!

MaureenT (Foley) said...

Hello to Maureen Nd George Sivers,
Saw the photo today and was sorry not to see A picture Of Maureen.
It must be over 55 years since we last met at the youth club.
Im pretty sure that the second boy in the group picture is Peter Brider And the lad on the end is the george I remember you havent changed a bit.
Maureen T (Foley)

John Eggins said...


Is it possible that the lad second from the end on the right might be Jack Stannard.

John (eggo)Eggins.

Derek Applin said...

Yes your right Maureen [Foley] the second boy is Peter Brider. You might be interested to know Maureen and George are now living in Egham,and they will both be going to the reunion.
John is also right the second boy is Jack Stannard.
[1st left Jim Healey,2nd.Peter Brider,3rd Les Millbank,4th.Jack Stannard then the last on the right is George Sivers.]

Maureen T (Foley) said...

Hi Derek
Those names are all familiar to me but I wouldnt have recognised them after all this time. Perhaps there will be some reunion photos on here or a DVD for those who cant be there.It would be nice to see some more faces from the past. Perhaps next year I may get there myself.
Grace is going to be there and Im sure she will give me all the details.