Monday, 10 August 2009

Fw: Reunion from the past

I have just sent this email to the B.B C. keep your fingers crossed they may want to come along .
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Sent: Sunday, August 09, 2009 6:40 PM
Subject: Reunion from the past

we would love you to attend our reunion,who are we .We are a group of older generation pensioners who grew up on a council estate in London during the second world war.We have spread our wings all over the world and this will be our fourth reunion ,once again having a sell out.We pride ourselves that we survived a world war came thru poverty and went on to make something of ourselves and raise our children to hold their heads high and be proud of where we came from .Our Reunion will be held on Saturday 26th September 2009 at the Perivale community club at the bottom of Horsendon Hill Midx. The council estate we all came from was called the Cuckoo estate Hanwell W.7.We call ourselves Cuckooites and we number in the hundreds check us out on our world wide website   
I am the editor of this website and I live in Seattle Wash .U S A.I left London when I was 24 years old I am now 71 and I will be attending and organizing with help from our group this our fourth Reunion.If you are interested in a real make you feel good story of a group of older generation who found each other after being apart for over fifty years you will find a great story of human interest here.
Thanks Tommy Higginbottom


jim davis said...

That was a nice bit of promotion Tom, I hope it draws a few in.

georgek said...

I agree with Jim,it would be nice just for once, that ordinary folk are in the limelight and not these so called STARS.They cannot do worse than to come and film a GOOD FEEL FACTOR.

JohnB said...

I'd better get my hair done...we might all be on the tele.

Beryl said...

Greeeeeeat idea hope something comes of it,if its only on the local news. What about the local paper???????

Tommy said...

Sorry to say the B B C did not bother getting back to me,seems they would rather report bad news than a happy story,O well we tried.

JohnB said...

Don't give up Tommy...perhaps ValB still has some influence at The Beeb.

Ted baker said...

Hi there i could ask by brother pip who as done work for the BBC in the past like Dr Who he wrote a few series and other stories. And is still writing for them He is 87, He lived on the estate. he is in the family photo that is in the new book He is the one on the far right at the top. He used to be call ernie.The Baker family.