Friday, 21 August 2009

Major referbish for the Old Cuckoo School

I believe they where awarded three million pounds for this project,does anyone know if this is correct,I read it somewhere.


Bert Merret said...

Hello Tommy,I am enjoying reading the second book and everything is just the way it was in real life
all those years ago.
I have just wasted an hour trying to get a message on Cuckooites but with no success.

Thought you might be interested to know that I was originally told about the by a friend who lives about 70 miles from me . She went to her local library in Mississauga and borrowed some books including a copy of the first book with the blue cover. She remembered that I lived in Hanwell and sent me a copy of one item which fortunately included the web address, which my daughter then found for me.

When I lived in Greenford with my late wife Sheila (nee Wiltshire) we went to Holy Redeemer Anglican Church on Windmill Lane, Greenford. Betty Potter also went there as did Joan Weider and Pat Austin all of whom we met up with here in Toronto, Canada. They were in the Girl Guides with Sheila, nothing to do with me I hasten to add. It was quite amazing to find so many people and families over here. They remembered me as I was in the Church Choir but I didn't know them. They are all still around except for Sheila who died in 1989 from a sudden heart attack.
Since then, I have remarried another widow who was one of our bridesmaids when I first got married. Then I was best-man at her wedding, so life has some strange twists at times.
Best regards. Bert.

The editor Tommy. said...

It was me who decided to put Berts comments here,he sent them to me to share with you all.

Tommy said...

Bert great to hear from you,have your daughter show you how to post comments on our website it is very easy.I have shared you email with our group and have posted it under the Old Cuckoo school photo's Great to hear from you and untill you figure out how to post a comment I am only to pleased to do it for you.
Greetings from Seattle to Toronto.

JohnB said...

Welcome aboard Bert, enjoy the site.

Great photos of the Old Cuckoo Schools being renovated, I'm glad they aren't tearing it down...I wonder will they keep the dungeons.

Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

Welcome Bert, so glad you have found us. I worked in Greenford as a cashier at the Granada, before I married and American. Had some really good times there, and are still good friends with one of my co workers, although we both now live in the states.
I have a Canadian cousin visiting us in a couple of weeks on a cruise ship. He lives in B.C. though on Vancouver Island. We share the same grandmother but different grandfathers.
Haven't been to Toronto but have been in the Yukon, all down BC and in Ottowa, Montreal and Quebec.
Lovely country you decided to settle in.
Again, Welcome.

Ethel (Stevens) Damian said...

My husband just corrected me and said yes we have been to Toronto, and travelled (a couple of years ago) all around Lake Ontario.

Del said...

Isn't it typical! Here I've been, counting the days to the reunion and being able to show the lovely Charlotte the Old Cuckoo School in all its glory and now it looks as if all we shall see if scaffolding and plastic, shades of Italy where they use more of that stuff than anywhere else in the world, and other places.

Del. said...

According to the website, the refurbishment program is worth 2.2 million pounds. I think that the dungeons should be turned into a chamber of horrors theme area. It was always pretty scary as it was when we were all nippers.

JohnB said...

Hanwell Community Centre,
London W7 1PD

Known to us as the old Cuckoo Schools or "The Cucks"

Project information

Builders are currently restoring this magnificent Grade II listed Victorian building. Built in 1856 as a school for children of destitute families and orphans, its most famous pupil was Charlie Chaplin.

Before works began, English Heritage identified the deteriorating community centre as being at risk which resulted in Ealing Council investing over two million pounds on the restoration.

Builders are replacing the existing roof coverings and repairing the existing brickwork to ensure the community centre, which is currently used by over 70,000 people per year, is wind and watertight.

Internally they are installing extensive mechanical, electrical and communication systems to create a learning and development centre. This will provide facilities for meetings, training courses and community learning.

The dungeons, as someone suggested could make for an excellent Chamber of Horrors waxworks or theme park, but I doubt that will actually happen.

What may be nice is to convert it to a theatre or entertainment center and show re-runs of Charlie Chaplin's silent movies.

jim davis said...

I hope your project has not been cancelled Johnb, you haven't said any more about it, and you was so sure you would not be able to contribute on comments for at least a couple of weeks. Still as long as you are happy that is the main thing.

Ted baker said...

Iknow that in 2001 there was a idea to convert the old cetra into part houseing the rest the commuity centra. At the time the council was thinking of shutting it down as it would cost to much to keep it open.I know for a fact it was not safe. i remember one time i was up there playing snooker with some of fellows from the estate when i just took a shot on the black and stood up when the ceiling fell down. if i had not stood up, i might not be sending this message to you to-day.The snooker room was under the badmington hall in 1996.The place was in a bad state. the last time i was in it was 2001. The people who took a leas out on it never spent much money on it. if any at all.So im glade that the council i at last spending some money on it.

JohnB said...

I am juggling between my project, and attempting to accomodate requests.
This site is so great that it is hard to stay off it and get on with my work.

jim davis said...

Johnb I think it is very clear to all of us how you feel about this site, you have always had what is best for Cuckooites at heart. Having said that, frequently you and I disagree, and I am sure we will continue to do so. Such is life, but when I do have a different opinion than you it is only about what you are saying at that time, not you personally. You do not need to even put you name to an article, I would already have guessed it was you , and that goes for other regular contributers also, we all have our own way of saying things and it does not take long to get familiar with a persons style. Still I wont go down that road. Good luck on your project.

JohnB said...

I'm so flattered, I feel all tingly.

Eff said...

Ted, I had the same thing happen to me at the Old Cuckoo Schools. I was at the youth club, in the jive room, dancing, when the floor gave way. My foot went straight through to the room underneath. I had such a nasty looking bruised leg for a couple of weeks, to say the least about the embarresment I felt towards my jiving partner. Can't remember who he was now, must be selective amnesia.

Anonymous said...

Looking for keith 'stutch' stutchborough. any body know where he is or if i spelt his name right from hicks avenue area greenford e mail me

Anonymous said...

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