Tuesday, 1 September 2009

First Book Memories from the Past.

Jackie has asked me to let those of you who are interested in obtaining a copy of our first book Memories from the Past.That it will be available starting around next week we have decided to have it published again as we where getting requests for it The Price is Eight pounds fifty each and includes the shipping.
Order your copy today by emailing Jackie
We also have a limited number of our new book All our Yesterdays available at the same price so order your copy today.
Remember to order your lapel pin as well just in time for the Reunion this month, these are just four pounds each and includes shipping.
thanks a lot Tommy.


tommy. said...

Jackie has informed me she has recieved the shipment of books ,Memories From the Past.To get your copy email Jackie at will not last long so get in touch A S A P .
Also our second book All our Yesterdays are nearly gone so if you want a copy, they make great gifts to children and old friends order today.

Beyl said...

Received my Memories of the Past on Friday and just finished reading it.Wow it's great.Need to get the photo tin out again sure there are names in there who's photo's I've got somewhere.
Now I'm going to start on the second book(I saved it until I got the first one like to do things in the right order.)
Comments about it later in the week.

Beryl said...

Looks like I can't spell my own name.I blame the cat who likes to sit on my lap and stare at my face while I stare at the screen

Beryl said...

Just fnished 2nd book great. lots of names I recognized.
Anyone intersted reading about the past a book I've nearly finished is UP WEST by Pip Grainger.Memories of the 40's 50's and 60's in the London area between
Oxford Street and the Strand and Regent Stret and Kngsway.The Blitz the Beatles and the clubs.I'm sure you can borrow it from the local library.

Beryl said...

On finishing the second book was anyone in St Christophers brownies or guides?????
I have a photo taken at Denham camp site with Jean Hillier(I think)Pat Bennett and her sister Beryl Bennett ( I think they lived in Greatdown Rd.)about 1949 also 1 on the Isle of Weight Beryl Bennett and Sally (I think surname may have been Leason???)in about 1951?