Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New to Site ,Introduce yourself here.



Bert Merrett. said...

The Merrett Family.

Frank Merrett….born in Bath, Somerset, Dec 1901

Rose (Holloway) Merrett….born in Romsey, Hants.January 1904

Frank Edward Merrett …born in Paddington. Dec.1929

Albert Charles Merrett….born in Paddington. July 1931.

Ronald Henry Merrett….born in Paddington. Oct.1934

Rosemary Anne Merrett….born in Isleworth. May 1944

In above order we were known as Frank,Rose,Ted,Bill,Ron, & Rosemary.

We moved from a downstairs flat in Maida Vale to 14 Greatdown Rd, in February 1937.

The roads were unfinished and the top end of Greatdown was still under construction.

Ted and Bill started school at Cuckoo Junior Mixed which later became Boys when the Senior School was completed and the girls moved along. Peace at last, as I had been placed alongside Rose French.

Ron started at the new Infants School on Laurie Rd a couple of years later, and Rosemary started some years later then Ron.

All four of us went to Drayton Manor Grammar School which I feel was quite an achievement for a working class family. I know I had to take elocution lessons as I still had a West country accent from being evacuated to Bath in 1940 for 1 year.

I will send some memories another time.

Albert (Bert alias Bill) Merrett.

jim davis said...

Hello Bert I spoke to Rose Dixon,nee French today and told her what you said. I caught her on the hop and she said to say hello, but off hand could not put a face to the name. My sister Chris at that time was Rose's best friend, and some 70 years layer they still are. I don't know if you knew Chris or not but you are all the same age. I will let her know you are on this site.

Del said...

Merrett, that name rings a bell. I'm Del, (Derek Southon) who lived at 48 Greatdown. You might have known John and Stan Andrews, who lived at No.5o,
Keith Marks at No. 46, Charlie and John Jenkins at No. 44, and Eric Knight from No. 40. There was also a Michael Moran that lived closer to where you were. Welcome to the site.

Anonymous said...


My father's family lived on the cuckoo estate at 18 Benham Road. They moved into the house brand new in about 1936 and stayed until my nan died in about 1978/1979. Their name was Stanford and my uncle said he played with the Mitchells, the Healeys, the Jacobs, the Finches, and the Sullivans. He had a mate Joe Tullet who dived off into Ealing Baths and drowned.


JohnB said...

Hi Caroline,
Welcome to the site, I remember a Terry Sullivan from Lile, the street next to Benham.
Terry was a mate of mine, I wonder if your uncle knew him.
The name Sandford sounds very familiar, but I can't remember why exactly.
Enjoy the site, and we hope to hear more from you.
The reunion is this month at Perivale Community Center, but I'm not sure if there are any tickets left.

Anonymous said...

I have now had a really good look around the site and I found a photo of The Church Lads Brigade PT/Drill Team in which my father Brian as well as Cyril and Alan (his brothers, both now dead for many years sadly) performed apparently. My father was also in the CLB Band on the drums and he says Cyril was a mace bearer for a while. I also came across a an old girlfriend of Cyril's Dot Dalton in one of the posting's....but not much mention of Benham Road - though it was pretty short by comparison with most of the roads on the estate. No 18 was near the top end by Westcott Crescent as I recall so there were not many homes there. My Dad has fond memories of his mother singing and dancing on top of their piano which was taken out onto the street to celebrate VE day.


Anonymous said...

By the way my own memories of the estate are visiting my nan on Saturday afternoons. My mum did some weekly accounts for a sweet shop in Greenford and we dropped her off then continued to the bakers on Greenford Road for Chelsea Buns then visited nan for a cuppa before going back home via Greenford. In autumn we came for conkers and were taught by my Dad to throw sticks into the trees in Cuckoo Avenue. I think my Dad also brought us to sledge one year when it was snowy....or maybe Horsenden Hill. Caroline

JohnB said...

Sounds like you are definitely a Cuckooite to me Caroline, I'm sure someone will remember your Dad and family name Stanford.
Again welcome aboard!

Grace said...

HI BERT i remember your mum and i new of you boys we lived 76 greatdown you may have known my brother Joe Bolton as DEL said ,i used to go with the girl whose surname was Moran not sure of her first name.the Hunts and Kentish lived near you People said they would get lost on the estate but you only had to remember that greatdown was the only road that had a phone box and pillar box on the corner ,this is a great site.

JohnB said...

You seem to know a lot about corners Grace.

Grace said...

John B My problem is i am to observent there are corner,s every where next time you go out look and you will see most streets have a corner but some are better than others so naturaly i only stand on the best ones.

Val B said...

Hi Caroline,
I remember the Stanfords very well mainly through my brother Ken Bailey and the CLB. Which one was nicknamed "Babe"? Probably your dad? Also living at the top of Benham Road was Doreen Cullers who married Sid Hooper and Jean Russell who I am still in touch with. We girls were all in the CGB along with Dot Dalton who you mentioned.
Welcome to the site.

Ted baker said...

Hi there Caroline. i remember the Stanfords from benham road. If your brother played with Healys then he would remember my family. We lived next door to the Healys, the Bakers.Jean Rusell live at the first house at the top of Benham road, coming from Westcott crescent. She live on the left. She was my first girlfriend. at the age of 4. Did'nt your familys house face westcott crescent.

Derek Lait said...

Yes I remember the Stanfords,we were all in the CLB together,and used to march around the estate in the band on Sunday mornings.And i remember Doreen Cullers, Sid Hooper,Jane,Dot,Brenda Cuthbert,Ken Baily and many more.
Does anybody remember the Wellers who lived at the corner house on the green up Benham Road (I was born at no. 13 Benham.)