Sunday, 11 October 2009


 I hope you don't mind but I thought while the cat is away the mice can play. With all that is going on in the lives of some of our friends at the moment, I thought how about giving them/us something to smile at, and use this page for people to tell us about;


Tommy said...

This a good one Jim,my most embarrassing moment must have been the time when I was doing my national service,I had met a girl from leeds on the tube train one Sunday night as I was coming back from a 48 hour pass.Well we got to talking and she gave me her home address and we started writting to each other ,well as the months passed she invited me up to her home for a long weekend to meet her family.Well while there we got into some heavy petting as one would do in those days and one night I believe the second night I was there I awoke to find she had slipped in bed with me,again only heavy petting took place as I was still a virgin when I got married which was not unusual in those days.Well to my surprise we must have fell asleep and her Mom caught us in bed when she fetched me a cup of tea in the morning,You can bet I was out of Leeds Like a flash and that was the last the girl and I had any contact again,Silly really to what happens these days but we where very innocent.

eggins said...

John Eggins,

Nothing as embarrassing as Tommy.

One night at the Catholic Hall, Greenford.Attempting to do the splits in a jive my trousers did a better job than I.Do not know who gave me needle and cotton but a quick exit to the toilets for a quick repair.No more splits that night.

Lynn Smith said...

I have so many embarrassing moments I would'nt know where to start, maybe when I have a little more time.x