Friday, 2 October 2009

Reunion Photo's

Please send me any photo's you may have taken at the Reunion,if possible add names.Send to Tommy  at
Thanks this way we will have a good sellection to choose from.


georgek said...

sorry tommy,somehow for the love of trying I cannot get my photos attached to an e-mail.My photos are on Kodak easy share on the computor,any ideas anybody?

Tommy said...

George what have you changed,I have had no trouble recieving your photo's,I got the ones from Ireland this year.Keep trying,great to see you last Saturday and also say hi to Joan for me.

JohnB said...

George you can try re saving them as (do a "save as" Jpeg format) JPEG files then try attaching the jpeg files.

JohnB said...

George it may also be that you are trying to send too many at one time.
Try sending one or two only as the files may be too big.

georgek said...

Thanks for your help JohnB,but how do I "save as"Jpeg format,as I mentioned before my pictures are on Kodak Easy Share,I tried sending them to Tommy thro their own e-mail attatchment,they reached Tommy but he could not open them to view,so Iam going to contact Kodak and tell them what I think of them

JohnB said...

If you have them saved or downloaded to your computer all you should have to do I think, is open one to view it then re save, or do save as Jpeg file format to another folder.

JohnB said...

Question : How do I edit a .kdc (RAW) picture using third-party software?
Answer : To edit a .kdc (RAW) picture using third-party software, you need to change the file format to either .tiff or .jpeg. Do the following to change the file format:
Start EASYSHARE Software.
Select the My Collection tab.
Select a picture, and click Edit.
Click Save As.
Click the Save as type arrow, and select either TIFF or JPEG.
Click Save.

George, i'm not sure if you are Mac or PC based.

In a microsoft windows programme such as Paint or Photoshop you should be able to do a "save as" jpeg file format.