Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Englands World Cup Gags

   The England team went to visit an orphanage in South Africa this morning, "its so good to put a smile on the faces of people with no hope, constantly struggling, and facing the impossible" said Jamal Omboto, aged 6.

·         Fabio Capello was wheeling his shopping trolley across the supermarket car park when he noticed an old lady struggling with her bags of shopping. He stopped and asked, "Can you manage dear?" To which the old lady replied, "No way. You got yourself into this f*****g mess, don't ask me to sort it out..."

·         What's the difference between the England team and a tea bag? The tea bag stays in the cup longer.

·         I'm shocked at Wayne Rooney's outburst after the Algeria game. Who knew he could even string a sentence together!

·         What do you call an Englishman in the knockout stages of the World Cup? A referee.

·         Three hours of football and Robert Green is still England's top scorer.

·         What's the difference between a faulty jet engine and Wayne Rooney? The jet engine eventually stops whining.

·         What's the difference between Wayne Rooney and Shrek? Shrek can save the day.

·         Osama bin Laden has just released a new TV message to prove he is still alive. He said that the England Team performance on Saturday was completely s**t. British intelligence have dismissed the claim, stating that the message could have been recorded anytime in the last 44 years.

·         Robert Green - The only man to leave Africa without catching anything .

·         In a statement from broadcasting house, all future England games will now be shown on the gay porn channel. It is thought that 11 arseholes being regularly shafted is too explicit for regular TV.

·         I can't believe we only managed a draw against a s**t team we should easily have beaten......I'm ashamed to call myself Algerian.

·         Fifa have released a statement saying the fan didn't break into the dressing room after all, but was let in by Rob Green.

·         What's the difference between Rob Green's spill and BP's spill?
- Robert Green has got a cap for his.

·         The FA have launched an inquiry to find out how a fan found his way into the dressing room. And another enquiry into how Aaron Lennon found his way into the dressing room. 




Saturday, 26 June 2010

George And Joan Key Then and now.

First Photo of their wedding taken at Saint Mary's Church.The second at their golden anniversary at the Ritz in London two years ago.I believe that makes them our oldest married couple so far.
Wish you both many more.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mr Mrs Southon,Then and now.

Del and the lovely Charlote ,fisrdt photo taken on their wedding day 18 years ago in Sorrento Italy.Second photo the happy couple today,we wish you both many more years of happiness our friends.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Presenting to you Mr Mrs Ted and Lynn Hughes

Lynn you make a wonderful bride,our Cuckooites family wish you and Ted all the happiness in the world,you are a trully wonderful lady and a fellow Cuckooite.Mom is looking good.

Three generations supporting England

Tommy and his two sons,Kevin and Colin also with my grandson Elijah wearing the colours and supporting our country where we all started from.Go England you can do it ,we are with you all the way.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Derek and Jeanette Applin

Then and now photo's,first photo on their wedding day April 1st 1961 .Second photo with their grandchildren taken in Sydney Australia,when they where visiting their son,They will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary next April.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Eff sent in these photo's

Orka whales captured this morning by camera just yards of shore from down town Juneau.
What a amazing site to behold,these are glorious mamels and are also called killer whales as they attack live prey in the sea,they hunt in pod's

Monday, 7 June 2010

Now and Then Beryl Nairn and Hubby

Beryl who is the lucky man,you have never introduced him to us.Second photo June 9th 1962 first photo June 6th 2010.You make a great couple.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sheila Bransfield sent in this photo

This photo of my sister and her husband John was taken in Hawaii.Eileen passed away much to early in life and Sheila ask if anyone remembers her on the estate.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

John and Trish Holdstock,then and now

John and Trish have just cerebrated their 45th anniversary,They want you to share your then and now wedding photo's with us.John was the guy who did all the work putting out second book. All Our Yesterdays into print.Thanks John we wish you all the best for your future life together.

To Dam Old

  We used to go to weddings,
                                football games and lunches.
                                Now we go to funeral homes,
                                and after-funeral brunches.
                                We used to have hangovers,
                                from parties that were gay.
                                Now we suffer body aches
                                and wile the night away.
                                We used to go out dining,
                                and couldn't get our fill.
                                Now we ask for doggie bags,
                                come home and take a pill.
                                We used to often travel
                                to places near and far.
                                Now we get sore asses
                                from riding in the car.
                                We used to go to nightclubs
                              and drink a little booze.
                                Now we stay home at night
                               and watch the evening news.

                                That, my friend is how life is,
                                and now my tale is told.
                                So, enjoy each day and live it up...
                                  before you're too damned old!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Del Southon and his first car

Del is asking if you know where this photo was taken and what was the make of the car,send us your photo's of your first or favourite car

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Back in the saddle

Well folks having been gone the month of May it is good to be back home in Seattle.Our trip to the U K and our cruise where a great success the cottage in Yorkshire was wonderful and the scenery was some of the very best we have encountered in all the years we have been visiting England.Jackie and Peter who we stayed with in Pinner gave us a warm welcome and made us very comfortable.Jackie is now busy arranging and looking for a new venue for next years Get together our fifth one and it is planed for September more details to follow as Jackie updates us on her endeavors .Our cruise with my niece and her husband Susan and Keith was terrific,great food wonderful places to see and we where treated like Royalty by Holland American.While in London we had a lovely night out with Terry and Yolande Finucine my cousin,thanks for the great fish and chips in Hatch End you guys.

Sorry to say on my return it was sad to see the dwindling numbers visiting our site ,we where getting around 1500 visitors on a good week but we have fell of to around 250 average while I was gone I hope we can pick things up but to be very truthful I have very little information and subjects to work with .Your input is what keeps the site going so get on the ball and send me interesting photo's and story's we can use .Summer is nearly here so get out and enjoy yourselves ,life is for living not sitting on your Butt.

Tom Higginbottom
Seattle, Washington
Tel (206) 937-3127

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