Sunday, 22 August 2010

Anita Coker sent in this photo of her parents

They where married in 1945 at St Mary's.Rose Farmer her mom spent her childhood living on the estate in Greatdown road .They are now the oldest couple we have recorded .They are still living in Northolt.Great photo.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Further adventours of Sir Rustalot

Del invites everyone to put their own story to this cartoon of Sir Rustalot.Come on give it a try and see if we can wake up the dead or sleeping .

Friday, 13 August 2010

Yorkshire Dales,Darley village and other views

Sue and I spent a week in a cottage on the Yorkshire dales this past May,Every morning we would wake up and look out the window to views of the sheep and meadows as you can see here.I can not remember finding a more peaceful and quiet place.Yorkshire is just spectacular and we recommend it to all you Cuckooites to go and visit.The villages are as quint as any we have visited in our visits to the U K .

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tommy's fishing trip

My son and I went salmon fishing at Westport ,Washington on the Pacific ocean.As you can see we caught a lot of King Slamon.I myself hooked seven fish and I was allowed to keep my two biggest fish that wieghed over twenty pounds each.Kevin my son also had two large salmon.The freezer is now full and we have enough to feed our friends for a big salmon B B Q

Lost and found

Looking for someone a old friend, or have you found someone from your childhood you would loke to share with us.

Tom Higginbottom
Seattle, Washington
Tel (206) 937-3127

New to our site

Check in here if you are new to our site.Let us know who you are.

Tom Higginbottom
Seattle, Washington
Tel (206) 937-3127

August Chat room.


Tom Higginbottom
Seattle, Washington
Tel (206) 937-3127

Angella Wares Dads car

Angella wants to know if any one knows what the make and year was.I say a Ford Prefect 1939.

Eff sent in these photos from Alaska,

First photo,a black bear that is very common in North America,The second one is a photo of the Mendenhall glacier
very close to wear Eff lives.If you ever get the chance do the Alaska cruise out of Seattle well worth the money and see one of the worlds last wilderness.Sue and I will offer free accomadations in Seattle on your way to the cruise terminal.Sorry Eff the Salmon photos did not come out clear enough to post.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Change in the way you veiw site

I have taken a different way to view the site,give it a try and if you think the old way is better let me know and I will go back,trouble is as soon as I post a new photo or topic it changes to the current month .I was trying to leave last months topics up and add to it ,no luck so far,will keep playing with it.We must come up with some new topics to comment about ,it seems we are dying fast and running out of ideas.Hate to loose what we have had but not sure what else to do.Put on your thinking caps.

Tom Higginbottom
Seattle, Washington
Tel (206) 937-3127

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Beryl Nairn Sent in these photos.

First photo,Her parents 50year golden wedding anniversary 1988.Second photo Beryl and her husband with the grand kids,third photo Her Grandmother.With her Mom and siblings.