Friday, 29 October 2010

2009 Cuckooite Reunion

Hi Cuckooites ,I think it is time to show the 2009 Reunion again,such a good time was had by everyone and many of you may have not seen it as we had sold them as D V D'S and a lot of folks purchased them
Please enjoy it brings back a lot of great memories.
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Thursday, 28 October 2010

"Duane Eddy - Raunchy (2009)"

How many of you remember to rocking and rolling to this guy in the 60's just the greatest sound to have jived to.Hope you enjoy as much as me. Tommy
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Duane Eddy Plays RAUNCHY.
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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

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Tom Higginbottom

Tommy Higginbottom sent you a video: "I Beleive - Frankie Laine"

How many of you remember this great hit by Franklie Laine,it came out in the 50's and I remember taking it to the youth club in West Ealing along with my other 78 rpms that wieghed a ton.Turn up the sound and enjoy

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Singer, composer and author Frankie Laine was born March 30, 1913 in Chicago. His real name was Francesco Paulo LoVecchio and he lived in Chicago's Little Italy.
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And so to bed (A play on words) For our Colonial friends bY Del Southon

And So To Bed

"You should have been here earlier, luv, they were playing Woodchoppers Ball, by Choppin, on the World Service."

"I think that you mean Chopin, darling, and he didn't write that."

"No, it was a play on words. Woodchopper-Choppin?"

"Oh, that's what it was?"

"Cornel Wilde played the part of Chopin in the film, 'A Song To Remember.' Came out in 1944, I think."


"Oh yes. Of course Wilde couldn't play the piano, not as well as old Chopin, anyway. They used Laurence Olivier for that."

"I didn't know that Olivier played the piano."

"Well, you see, when they had to film a close-up of Chopin's hands on the keys they were actually Olivier's, not Wilde's."

"Why on earth would they do that?"

"Because he was a much better actor than Wilde, so his hands would be more expressive, wouldn't they? The trouble was that he couldn't actually play the piano either, so they brought in this Mexican woman, Josie Turbie, who was a famous pianist."

"Iturbie was a man, for goodness sake, and his name was Jose'."

"Ah! Well anyway, this Mexican guy with the girls name was quite a small person, so they were able to hide him under the lid to play the piano from the inside."

"You are ridiculous."

"It's true, I tell you, a part of cinematic folklore. The problem was that, even for him, it was very cramped and the music came out back to front."

"You're an idiot."

"I promise you, old Chopin's polonaise in nine flats came out backwards."

"There aren't nine flats."

"Of course there are. Ron Flegg, my old army mate, lived in a block of them in Fulham. Must have been thirty, at least."

"Oh dear."

"They wanted Adolphe Menjou to play the part of George Sand."

"George Sand was a woman, for heavens sake."

"I know. That's why he didn't get the part. Wouldn't shave off his moustache, you see? They finally used Merle Oberon who didn't mind shaving, apparently."

"You'll be telling me next that the Marx Brothers were in the orchestra."

"Of course they weren't, don't be facetious. There was one alarming incident that frightened the life out of old Charlie Vidor, the director. Olivier was waving his arms about to flex his wrists before attacking the keyboard, and hit Wilde in the face. I mean, the last thing you need is the star posing around with a bloody nose, is it?"

"I suppose not."

"Naturally, Charlie could see the production being closed down for several days with dire consequences to the budget. Luckily, someone remembered that Orson Welles was on the lot next door, so the day was saved."

"What on earth could he do, or are you going to tell me that he stood in for Wilde?"

"Not at all. He was much larger than Wilde, so he wasn't able to wear the same frock coat. No, Orson was in the other studio packing equipment to take to Africa, to catch grasshoppers."

"Grasshoppers? Why would he go all that way to collect some?"

"Apparently they're much larger over there and he needed them to double for a plague of locusts that would decimate Central Park, in New York, for a film that he planned to call, 'They Chirped From Outer Space.'

"Welles never made a film like that."

"You're right. He abandoned the idea when a friend gave him the collected works of Shakespeare and he decided to have a shot at Othello, which didn't need any grasshoppers."

"Which, even if I wanted to know, doesn't explain what he could do to help out."

"Ah. He came to the aid of the bloodied Wilde because, having realised that Africa would be pretty hot, he had packed a fridge with ice, So he filled a bucket with cubes and dunked Wildes' head in it."

"That's ridiculous."

"Maybe, but it worked. Charlie Vidor was delighted until he realised that he could have capitalised on the injury. If he'd rearranged the shooting schedule he could have used Wilde's blood to sprinkle on the piano keys to indicate that Chopin was on his last legs, at the end of the film. As it was he had to use diluted ketchup from the props department. Olivier was quite pleased though, because it was his hands that the stuff had to fall on, and he was very partial to a drop of Nelsons Blood."

"I don't believe that I'm hearing this."

"Well, there you go, luv. When Wilde got into a clinch with Merle it wasn't his hands that were caressing her hair, but Olivier's again. But then the hair wasn't Merle's, they used Rita Hayworth's which was much more luxuriant."

"Tell me. I've been meaning to ask you for a long time, is there a history of insanity in your family?"

"Certainly not, bloody cheek. All right a slight propensity towards eccentricity, perhaps. I know that Avroom, my maternal grandfather, would often leap from his revolving whickerwork chair, throw open the third floor window and cry out to any Israelites in the vicinity of Shepherds Bush Green, to follow him."

"I knew it, you're all barking mad. Can we call it a night now and go to sleep?"

"Of course, I do have a bit of a headache, but it's nice to be able to tell you these snippets of otherwise unpublished secrets of the movie business."

"Thank you so much. Now, could you do something else for me and scratch my back?"

"Whereabouts, left, right?"

"Left, please."

"Your left, or mine?"

"The side nearest the mattress."

"Up, down ?"

"Down. That's it, thank you. That's enough, thank you."

"You're welcome. You do realise, I suppose, that the hand wasn't really mine, but Boris Karloff's, as used in the role of Frankenstein's Monster. But then, the back wasn't yours, it was Esther Williams' who had a much shapelier lumber region. OUCH! Have you got Paul Newman, playing the role of Rocky Graziano in, 'Somebody Up There Like's Me,' over there?"


Essay ,Your life growing up as a kid on the Cuckoo estate

Okay Cuckooites,
This months assignment if you have the courage to give it a go and give our website a boost it can surely use is to write a essay on your life as a kid growing up on the estate. This will be fun and it is amazing what one remembers when we start writing about our life .Top prize is a trip around the world or your choice of a bus ride on a #55.Do you have what it takes to do this.
Your editor Tommy

Monday, 25 October 2010

Visiting Angela (Ware) and her husband Ron in Spokane washington

Sue and I visited Angela (Ware ) and her husband Ron when we passed thru Spokane this September.They where gracious hosts and put us up for the night and also showed us how to loose our money at the local Indian casino.
We where neighbors when we lived on Cuckoo Avenue in the 40's early 50's.

Fall in the Pacific Northwest,Seattle

I took these photo's this Sunday in the park next to our home in West Seattle.The colours where amazing and I had to share them with you.It is going to be a long winter we are being told.

Further adventours of Sir Rustalot

Del Southon is the creator of this wonderful character Sir Rustalot.Del is one of the many kids who grew up on the estate and has this wonderful talent of cartooning and also story telling.

Share your Jokes with us we can all use a good laugh.


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Check in and indroduce your self to fellow Cuckooites how may remember you or your family.

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