Monday, 22 August 2011

Fw: Do Remember

Dear Tommy,
Reading through the website and re-living many memories.  I suddenly thought of a topic for you to post.  Please feel free to add anything that you think of too.
When I was at Junior school I always remembered coming home with blue fingers, this was because we had to learn to write with pen and ink (no biros in those days).  I was always given the job of being the ink monitor and had to make sure that all the inkwells were filled.  I always make sure that I was milk monitor so that I passed out all milk bottles and straws.  I liked this job because I got to drink two bottles of milk if there was any left over.
What monitor jobs did you have.
Jenny Peter

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Another great fishing trip in Washington,Westport

This is my good friend John,he caught the biggest fish ,King salmon weighed in at just over 34 pounds,he also caught three other fish coming in close to 20lb.I had two nice kings but nothing like the one he his holding up.A grat day fishing what retirement is all about .Tommy

Furthe adventours of Sir Rustalot

Del Southon has given us another challenge,Tell us your story our trusty knight and his noble steed.

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