Sunday, 2 September 2012


One for Charlie. No anecdote I’m afraid, I never got to meet the maestro. I did, however, meet Trummy Young. He told me that, after Satchmo left for pastures blue, he decided that he’d spent most of his life on the road, so retired to Hawaii. One of his new neighbours discovered who he was and told a local club owner who talked him into appearing again. As he said, “Well, one thing led to another, and here I am again, on the road. Amen”!  Nice gent. Of course, he was picking only the gigs that interested him and was appearing with the Gil Evans Orchestra in Southampton when I was having an exhibition at The Guildhall. Fraid the picture is a more traditional method of painting horn players. My eldest son took the photo before it was finished, there was still some work to be done on the bell. Hope your Springtime is better than our late Summer.


Tommy said...

Del your talent never ceases to amaze me,Satch was one of the best,

charlie brown said...

Thank you Del,and what a great painting of Louis,you captured his pose just perfect.I have a large black and white photo of Louis almost the same head and shoulder's shot as your painting that hangs in my lounge.
Wonderful you met Trummy Young, I meet Barret Deems in about 1964 in a club in Chicargo I think it was called Jazz unlimited, we had a great night at the bar listening to some great music.
Our old Cuckoo mate Terry Finucain met Louise at the concert he played at Earls Court.He
bunked into the dressing room and said Louis had hot towels around his head to straighten out his hair.Thanks again Del